That must have left a bruise

Every square inch of this guy's back must be colored red

Never let a few drops of rain ruin your rugby game

Whoever thinks of cancelling this game is a sissy

Vampire bat sucking the juice out of a grape

Graphic images

This is a dance battle really worth watching

7 years old Liliana is a self taught dancer. Her inspiration and role model is, obviously, her father.

Punchbag karma overload

This guy forgot the golden rule of kick boxing: never hit back an angry punchbag

Runaway warthog causes chaos during festival

The beast is unleashed...

Ever felt that someone is checking you out?

A very strange feeling

You know it’s time to quit fishing when nature sends you this biblical phenomenon

If I recall well, last place that was hit by a similar calamity (actually nine of them), was Egypt...

Most anticipated time of the week is here

Top 10 videos of the week, courtesy of Jukin Video

Multitasking paraglider grabs camera

Nice smooth evening flying on the East face of Parlick, Lancashire.

Beatboxing collateral damage

That's an acceptable casualty, considering the fine art of the specific beatboxing

One hand sonata

Father of the day