OMG chilling dog

it's such a beautiful day, let that dog chill

OMG baby says “I Love you”

Nova is only 18 weeks old but she can already speak!

OMG dog sneezes on command

That is a great talent you got Orson

OMG man eats oysters on train

We all love oysters but this is kinda gross

OMG Levitating superconductor

Physics can be beautiful

OMG it’s an Arnold Schwarzenegger robot

It's an Arnold Schwarzenegger weight lifting robot designed by senior mechanical engineering students Dalton Herron and Michael Everson

OMG boy hugs chicken

This is so cute. A little boy shows his love for this cute chicken

OMG amazing bear sculpture

Artist, Ben Gazsi, builds a nine foot bear sculpture with natural materials

OMG gorillas egg hunt

It's Easter, time for the annual egg hunt for those gorillas in Cincinnati zoo

OMG baby bear wants to be a mechanic

Baby bear pays a visit to a mechanic chop. Enjoy the video

OMG almost perfect BMX trick

Don't try this, especially if there is a camera around

OMG it’s the most annoying dog ever

Kudos for the patience big dog