OMG amazing waterfall dive

He survived!

OMG action movie kid goes to school

Finally! Action movie kid is back and it's time for school!

OMG terrible muscle up

muscle up attempt ends in an epic failure

OMG epic cat faceplant

Cat tries to jump off rood but fails hard

OMG bike ultimate fail

That's why you should never bike near a tree

OMG saving a hummingbird

Good deed of the day.

OMG Blue Angels’ Fat Albert in Zero G conditions

The US Navy Flight Demonstration Team, better known as the Blue Angels, travels with a C-130T Hercules nicknamed FAT ALBERT. Here is some cool footage from inside the cockpit and the cargo area.

OMG classic finger crack climbing at Red Rock Canyon

Don't know about you, but this makes me feel a bit nervous.

OMG pig eats salad

Come on, give that pig some salad!

OMG he is a wizard

Little boy discovers he is a wizard

OMG Happy without music

Enjoy the musicless video clip of Pharrell Williams' "Happy"

OMG Scientifically Accurate Spongebob

Would be so much better than the actual show.