Why this Miami Hurricanes mascot walks the bride down the aisle?

Bride walked down the aisle by Miami Hurricanes mascot after her father died of a heart attack

Dude in ski knocks down kid skier

That's a good way to get rid of the annoying kid skiers

Strange man doing strange things at Pitchfork Music Festival

I have no clue what I just watched

Here is an awesome firework explosion to make your day

Awesome footage of a 12" Inch Double 'Peanut' Firework Shell that didn't quite make it off the ground...

A couple decided to go kayaking. You won’t believe what happened next

Amazing Whale encounter with kayak. Whale balances kayak on its back

That kid’s effort to perform a roll will melt your heart

Cute little girl doesn't give up trying to complete a foreword roll

The craziest performance you will ever see in your life

Craziest subway performance ever

What could possibly go wrong while feeding a baby deer?

I'm not going to reveal anything, I'll just say that it has many teeth...

This kid will develop a “Christmas present phobia”

..or he's going to hate his baby sister for the rest of his life

Indoors surfing wipeout

Always beware of the guy next to you

Lets’s drive our ATVs through this pond!

It's kinda cold in there