OMG cat attacks kid

Cat hates kids playing with toys. Here is the proof

OMG man steals baseball from kid

Mean man steals baseball from kid at the Yankees - Red Sox game

OMG epic Oculus Rift Joke

Russian dude tries on the Oculus rift

OMG dog steals car

It's a funny Subaru XV car ad

OMG insect working out

Insect on its back channeling Arnold Schwarzenegger

OMG firefighter on ladder fail

Firefighter on ladder has a really bad day

OMG sound scares bear

Loud sound scares black bear cub. Awwwww :(

OMG make an instant cloud to impress your friends

When you feel that the old card trick would not impress your friends, try this

OMG epic lizard feeding

Best way to feed a really hungry lizard. Mouth to mouth

OMG surf board attacks girl

Surfing kig bails and his board hits that beautiful girl

OMG otters vs chicken

Vicious otter pups attacking chicken

OMG GoPro on foot

Doing some Yoga with a GoPro camera on foot