Firefighting drill fail

For once more, machines have betrayed human efforts

Kid re-invents gravity

Sadly his fail is futile, some other fellow already did that by using an apple

Dude’s excited it’s Friday

We've all done that..

This girl forgot the first principle of water skiing

Which is actually to jump into the water

Worst case biking scenario

Eat dust and having the bike falling on your head, at the same time

Probably the most adventurous proposal of the year

Dude surprises his girlfriend while tubing

Kid dreams of being a professional bull rider

This dream is dead before it's even started

Cockatoo passes the border of insanity

Stay away from that psycho, for your own safety

Another week has gone by, time for the best fail videos

Enjoy the best fail videos of the week, by Fail Army

How to turn slip’n slide into face lawn mowing

You only need an inflatable matress and 3 days of beard growth