Whos got a kitty?

Girls love holding their kitties. However, I feel that something's wrong here.

This guy is attempting the stupidest front flip dive ever made

If you don't use your head to think, then be prepared to get a taste of the sand

How to drive your dog insane!

Just deny her climb on the new couch

Guy is introduced to Oculus Rift

I'm sure he found it a life changing experience

Redneck kayaking: a potential Olympic sport

As you've propably guessed, mud is involved as well

Field hockey is a sport full of surprises

Defender gets stick caught in netting during Penalty Corner

A good guy hits a deer with his car and feels bad about it

That is sad. I totally feel for this fellow.

Dirt bike racer eats dirt for real

If you don't fall, you can't call yourself a racer

Is it just me, or this dog is really huge?

An animal geneticist to advise, please, if there is any kind of relation between dinosaurs and dogs

Budgies master technology

OMG they're ready to take over planet Earth!

Badass basketball board pull ups with a crazy twist at the end

This is how ninjas play basketball