If you want to see the world’s greatest diver ever don’t watch that video

Young girl fails epically while trying to perform a high dive

Bella, the dog, gives a beutiful recital

This is the Dog Waltz

Just a typical day in Russian streets

I suppose the pedestrian will tell this delightful story during family dinners

This video has an unexpected ending

A Harley is climbing up a hill, but this is not the highlight of the day

Boy challenges his manhood

He passed the challenge, manhood is still attached

This is how an endo turns into a frontflip

Just make sure that you'll not give a heart attack to the bystanders

Firefighting drill fail

For once more, machines have betrayed human efforts

Kid re-invents gravity

Sadly his fail is futile, some other fellow already did that by using an apple

Dude’s excited it’s Friday

We've all done that..

This girl forgot the first principle of water skiing

Which is actually to jump into the water

Worst case biking scenario

Eat dust and having the bike falling on your head, at the same time