A myth is busted…

Legend says that former eastern European block has badass indoor gymnastics

Meet Ozzy, the swinging bulldog

This is the weirdest bulldog video you'll see today

Snowboard head smash

That's a cheap way to extract a tooth

Pigeons on ice

When nature trolls..

Old lady laughs at death’s face

Funny thing is that she doesn't know how close she came to meet her fate

Dog climbing upstairs in a unique way

Look at those ears!!

Shirtless double backflip win or fail?

I say we call it a win

Pitbull can bearly stay awake

Cierra, the cute pitbull, looks as if she has just ran a marathon. Maybe she's just drunk.

Good Samaritan motorcycle rider

There is always time for a good deed, right when lane splitting

Dad being, slightly, a troll

Kids can provide high quality entertainment for the parents, after all

When people mimic cats

I prefer the kitten version though

Seniors love “turn down for what”!

Enjoy the best "Turn down for what" video thanks to Tastefully Offensive