Juggling deathmatch

There can be only one...

Koala prison break

Koala climbs over fence and jumps onto a tree, as slick as it can get

Suicidal railway crossing

Driver's reaction is funny. He's Finnish btw

Canyon jet ski will blow your mind

Amazing canyon jet ski at Mountain Sheep Canyon, Lake Powell

Baby vs pink poodle beast

The little guy was just caught off guard...That's all.

It’s always a good time for a cupcake

Bon appétit

This is ,officially, the most badass ice bucket challenge so far

For the record, we don't approve pouring water on your head while flying an aeroplane upside down.

Best news I had today

BATMAN EXISTS!!!! The bat-mobile is a bit lame, though.

Horrific rally accident

Driver loses it in a corner. Hope he's ok.

This is how ice bucket challenge can cause memory loss

I'm always into a nice headshot..

Dad trolling daughter in the most cunning way

Father puts aside the traffic code to troll (quite successfully) his daughter while she's taking selfies

Most impressive ice bucket challenge I’ve seen so far

Super cute 2 year old Ashley is taking the ice bucket challenge like a boss and nominates Dora The Explorer, among others.