Yeap, you read right. Tap dancing priests

David Rider and John Gibson got into a dance battle during a fundraiser at North American College.

Cockatiel shakes it like a pro

Peanut, the cockatiel, loves dancing and bobbing around

Maybe the best motorboat you’ve ever seen

And they never saw the kid again...

This dog should be awarded a Medal of Honor

His chest is pumped up with pride!

Meanwhile in Japan

Godjila is on his way...

This will break your heart

In the name of God, just cuddle the poor thing!

Time to catch up the best videos of the week

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Little girl discovers farming

Apple picking can be a pain in the butt

Do not attempt a handstand with a dog around

Pancake alert. The dog is fine now.

Rodeo hero wannabe wipes-out lady rider

A horse whisperer would have done better

The elders can still rock

Romance is dead cover by grandparents

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