OMG chimp licks glass

What's the matter with this chimp?

OMG epic bike fail

Time for a bath

OMG how to take your shirt off

So this is how Superman changes clothes

OMG naughty donkey gets kicked

Go away you pervert!

OMG cat plays minecraft

Adorable kitty loves playing minecraft in front of two monitors

OMG moose attacks snowmobiler

Breathtaking moose attack on a snowmobiler at Jackman, Maine

OMG a well mannered chihuahua

Reno is a delicate chihuahua which hates farts

OMG moto cross cliff wipeout

Julie crashing on a cliff, scaring the crap out of her friend

OMG heavy sleeping ferret

When Tumble sleeps is like falling into a coma

OMG bunnies awkward tv moment

Two bunnies have some really hot time during live news at WBIR-TV

OMG it’s my belly button

This is a great song and music video. It's called "It's my belly button" by Rhett & Link