OMG hilarious workout fail

Guy tries a weird acrobatic move and gets seriously pwned

OMG lifeguard dog

Dog gets husky friend out of the pool

OMG choose carefully your mobile network operator

It could be a matter of life or death!

OMG best fails of the week

There's no better way to start your Friday than a video compilation with the best fails of the week by Fail Army

OMG MTB rider almost gets impaled

Guy falls off his bike awfully close to a sharp tree trunk

OMG a box full of mystery

Pomeranian surprise!

OMG robbed in Guatemala

A couple of motorcycling enthousiasts gets robbed at gunpoint on the road between San Pedro La Laguna and Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. Thankfully, they got away unharmed.

OMG chilling dog

it's such a beautiful day, let that dog chill

OMG baby says “I Love you”

Nova is only 18 weeks old but she can already speak!

OMG dog sneezes on command

That is a great talent you got Orson

OMG man eats oysters on train

We all love oysters but this is kinda gross

OMG Levitating superconductor

Physics can be beautiful