This is the exception of the rule in tree backflipping

The rule says: If you do sometbing once, you can do it over and over again

Capybara vs popsicle

Turn up the volume and enjoy the carnage

Baby imitating Shaq

Remember my words: Sometime, in the future, he's going to smash a glass board

How contangious is yawing?

Interspecies experiment with shocking results

Sorry sir, you’re not in the guest list

Strict face control policy

Tube slide dad almost pancakes baby girl

Cute little girl with cute hat and cute shades is going to have a scary ride.

Bicycle stunt was a bad idea

What was he thinking?

Jealous dog wants dad’s attention

Jealous dog can't stand watching daddy petting other dogs

You’re gonna see a flying turtle, thanks to a curious horse!

Snapping turtle attacks annoying curious horse

Fireworks disaster

Enough with the fireworks for this man

Attack of the psycho cat

Beware, that cat looks really dangerous