You were probably more confused when you first saw yourself in the mirror

Cat looks confused trying to fight herself in the mirror

The internet goes crazy for this dancing man

The title of this video is forever young. So true...

The best fails of the year in a 16 minute epic video

The Ultimate Fails Compilation of 2014 so far by Fail Army

Ontario bike race carnage

This is the famous Canadian cyclist mince machine

When you train, train to the bone

Hardcore-badass-old school-balls to the wall-blood and sweat-ninja-muscle building lower back training, for instant results.

What are you looking at?

Indiscreet pigeon

Mother meets karma

Kudos to the lady for still being in shape, but she must know better, from now on, not to challenge her fate.

Whale shark sandwich

Lady almost gets pancaked by two of these magnificent beasts. She is now in full 3D due to a good Samaritan diver, that pulles her out the last moment.

Firefighter fails during drill

That's embarrassing :(

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OMG romantic couple enjoying swimming pool

I really thought that the guy would take advantage of this elegant and romantic moment, to propose