Going face to face with a sea lion is not a good idea

Sea lion attacks diver

Coolest thing ever! Deer delivers doughnut!

I wish this happened to me every morning

I bet this girl regreted her decision to go dirtbiking today

Faceplant + pancake effect. This would definitely leave a bruise.

After watching this video, exercising will not be the same

Elliptical donkey kicks. The next best thing in woking out.

Baby owl protects his kin

This is scary, to say the least

Yamaha rider pays respect to a statue

What a respectful guy, he even kneels before the monument

When weight lifting becomes a near death experience

...or a quick way to demolish your garage

How to destroy your marriage before it begins

Chad drops Julia during their glamorous wedding

Seagulls attack family in car

Nasty seagull attack in Wells, Maine

Dog, sheep attention seeking competition

Friendly lamb demands to be patted while jealous dog is watching

Punch game embarrassing fail

Never try this when you are drunk

Terrifying corn maze chase

Is this a horror movie scene?