Kayaking Samaritan

Brothers in paddle

Poolside athetics fail

Josh is trying to jump over the pool net. Fail is inevitable.

Meanwhile in Mexico

Enjoying a nice hiking trail while a local guy stops to pay his respects

Son carries his weak, but proud, father

Treat your parents the same way you want your children to treat you

Disgraceful bear

Bear has a very embarassing encounter with a dog

The fox knows many things, but the groundhog knows one big thing

Camera man disapointed for missing a wilderness massacre

What, in the name of God, is this?

Swan orchestra outside Cessnock subway station. I don't even know where Cessnock is...

Doberman learns sliding

Collateral damage to be expected

Two goats and a kid

A very precise example of Domino Effect in real life

Who said about luxurious vacation on a boat?

I'm sure this is not what the passengers were expecting

Demolition kitten

Mad cute kitten creates chaos and gets self pwned