OMG what an unusual pet!

Boars can be pretty friendly too!

OMG new 3 wheel model!

Who needs a fourth wheel!

OMG world’s biggest Jenga

Heavy machines playing Jenga game. This is the largest board game ever

OMG instrumental acrobatics

"instrumental acrobatics" performed by the Hamburg-based classical quartet Salut Salon

OMG the rapping doctor

Doctor raps the instructions of taking care for the cast to this little girl

OMG skydiver looses shoe

Skydiver stealing friend's shoe at 13,000 Feet

OMG dog mesmerized by baby kitty

Dog can't stop looking at this cute newborn kitty

OMG skier looses iphone

Skier looses iphone while while skiing in Livigno, Italy. Fortunately, he managed to find it 2 hours later buried in the snow.

OMG dog hates zoom

Mosley the GreyHound dog can't stand the camera, especially the zoom function

OMG cat wants to be a pole dancer

Charlie the cat desperately wants to be a pole dancer, but he can't as you can see in this video

OMG elephant surprise

Elephant surprises people by performing a "hippo" move

OMG truck bed human trap

Not suggested for people suffering from claustrophobia