Finally! Here are the fails of the week!

Enjoy the new fail compilation by Fail Army!

Granddad’s last fishing trip

Emotional video of a grandson filming his grandfather's last fishing trip

What’s the most hilarious thing in the world?

Two words: ramen noodles

Machines are taking over, period

Judgement day is getting SERIOUSLY close

The most adorable PR Manager you’ll ever see

Amazing baby elephant "waves" to the tourists

This is why the Planet of the Apes is NOT happening

KTM one wheel stability test fail

Or, simplified, wheelie fail

Russian motorbiker’s wipeout

Opening a car's door in the middle of the highway is ALWAYS a bad idea, even for the Russian standards

Dog with remorse

Rooney, the dog, is feeling guilty for eating his owner's glasses

Ice bucket challenge failures

An interesting pot pourri of people that fail miserably during their Ice bucket challenge

Puppy waves on its own reflection

Cutest first contact ever

Just feeding the pets…

I wish me pet dog was behaving that well while feeding