Pitbull can bearly stay awake

Cierra, the cute pitbull, looks as if she has just ran a marathon. Maybe she's just drunk.

Good Samaritan motorcycle rider

There is always time for a good deed, right when lane splitting

Dad being, slightly, a troll

Kids can provide high quality entertainment for the parents, after all

When people mimic cats

I prefer the kitten version though

Seniors love “turn down for what”!

Enjoy the best "Turn down for what" video thanks to Tastefully Offensive

Traffic in Kenya

That's a traffic jam I wouldn't mind to get stuck into

How a falling tree can traumatize domestic animals

Only time can heal this poor cat's deep wound

Windscreen smashed with 18l water rocket

It's just a crack, someone said..

Russians have their own way of promoting keyboards to schoolboys

They 've just hired two half naked dancers. Not awkward at all.

How to get 1500 calories in just 3 seconds

A mouthful of m&m's is going to do the work

Taking bungee jumping as a macho man

Most probably I'd have the same reaction

Sugar glider moving pouch

Ever wonder what joeys inside the pouch look like?