How to demolish a stone fence LIKE A BOSS

No need for dynamite or a sledge hammer

Top viral videos of the week

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Ever wondered why gymnasts have gnarly noses?

This video is available for scientific study

Hotel room gymnastics fail

Getting sandwiched between two beds: priceless

Doggy being silly

Just a dog being silly and cute in a car

Never be over cool about pull ups

Pull-ups karma will hunt you down

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Kitelooping massive wipeout

The quality is not the best, but it's good enough to see the unspeakable splashing level.

Big sister shows how it’s done

Peek-a-boo at its best

Guy gets, literally, ejected from his skateboard

Someone please explain to me how this dude managed to avoid a painful faceplant

Tram rams truck

This tram driver is a moving bomb

That’s a dive to remember

Diving into Jelly Fish Lake in Palau seems to be an amazing experience. Hope these things won't sting though.