Horrific rally accident

Driver loses it in a corner. Hope he's ok.

This is how ice bucket challenge can cause memory loss

I'm always into a nice headshot..

Dad trolling daughter in the most cunning way

Father puts aside the traffic code to troll (quite successfully) his daughter while she's taking selfies

Most impressive ice bucket challenge I’ve seen so far

Super cute 2 year old Ashley is taking the ice bucket challenge like a boss and nominates Dora The Explorer, among others.

Amazing skillful elephant

Faa Mai is a natural talent when it comes to hula hoop

This must have left a bruise

In the best case scenario he'll be able to ride again in a couple of months

This is the best human-animal first contact ever made

This ostrich can surely make this cute baby laugh

Ice bucket challenge karma blessing

Thank God the dog didn't pee on her!

Kid pulls a great prank without even realizing it

Boy handcuffs his uncle and then admits that does not know where the keys are!

Ice bucket challenge is not meant for all people, after all

Some people should just stick in donating money

Something to make your day

Adorable bathing little girl finds hand puppet hilarious