The 10 viral videos of this week that you need to see

Here is a video compilation of the best fail videos, by Jukin Video

Good deed of the day

Good Samaritan saves baby ducklings out of the storm drain

Using a party horn in a proper way

The one and only important thing you can do with party horns

Tractor recovery epic fail

That's wrong...

Hammerhead shark creepy encounter

Scary hammerhead shark encounter at Destin, Florida

Skateboarder loses his pride and possibly many more

I totaly sympathize this young man

This lady, apparently, does not comprehend the “bouncing castle” concept

The fact that she's possibly holding a beer is putting things into prespective

A lunchtime WTF experience

I've just lost my appetite

Juggling deathmatch

There can be only one...

Koala prison break

Koala climbs over fence and jumps onto a tree, as slick as it can get

Suicidal railway crossing

Driver's reaction is funny. He's Finnish btw

Canyon jet ski will blow your mind

Amazing canyon jet ski at Mountain Sheep Canyon, Lake Powell