How to destroy your marriage before it begins

Chad drops Julia during their glamorous wedding

Seagulls attack family in car

Nasty seagull attack in Wells, Maine

Dog, sheep attention seeking competition

Friendly lamb demands to be patted while jealous dog is watching

Punch game embarrassing fail

Never try this when you are drunk

Terrifying corn maze chase

Is this a horror movie scene?

This will make your day

Cute little Grace talking to her banana phone

Get out of here, the forrest is MINE

Lady protects with a tennis ball what she thinks is hers, i.e. the whole forrest

Cool side by side drifting

These guys are the Blue Angels on four wheels

How to hypnotize a cute kitten

This is called the cat-bath hypnotism

Slackline mega save

Guy is obviously blessed with positive karma

Morning hug for baby elephant

Moyo the baby elephant enjoys a hug

The most weird slap game you’ll ever seen

Poor corgi gets a severe ass-kick