OMG husky – meerkat friendship

Meerkat from a rehabilitation project finds Bond, the Siberian Husky, to be a very interesting guy

OMG fawn rescue

Baby fawn trapped in a sinkhole. Luckily this family was around

OMG toddler loves crashes

Little Ben loves crashing with his fancy sports car

OMG windy airport faceplant

Poor girl. Stong winds at St. Maarten Airport kick her down

OMG cuddling with lion cubs

You're gonna be jealous of this girl...

OMG meanwhile in NYC

A street legal (??) plane car in the streets of New York

OMG class experiment goes wrong

Water bucket experiment takes a disastrous turn when the string breaks

OMG rugby tackle fail

There is an unfortunate moment in every rugby player's life, when he has to tackle a bigger guy.

OMG amazing waterfall dive

He survived!

OMG action movie kid goes to school

Finally! Action movie kid is back and it's time for school!

OMG terrible muscle up

muscle up attempt ends in an epic failure

OMG epic cat faceplant

Cat tries to jump off rood but fails hard