You know it’s time to quit fishing when nature sends you this biblical phenomenon

If I recall well, last place that was hit by a similar calamity (actually nine of them), was Egypt...

Most anticipated time of the week is here

Top 10 videos of the week, courtesy of Jukin Video

Multitasking paraglider grabs camera

Nice smooth evening flying on the East face of Parlick, Lancashire.

Beatboxing collateral damage

That's an acceptable casualty, considering the fine art of the specific beatboxing

One hand sonata

Father of the day

MTB jump evolves into an endo and finalizes into a faceplant

Worst moment for the rider is the fraction of the second, just after the endo, that he actually realizes that he is about to eat some serious sh*t.

Kitty is doing some weird stuff

I think I got it, it's either witchcraft or karate kata

Impressive slackline event in Sweden

That was cool. Btw, safety ropes are for sissies

C’mon, wake up and play!

Lazy kitten don't know how to have fun

Another week has gone by, another fail compilation from Fail Army hits the web

Fail Army just made my day again, I hope will make yours too

That’s a prank you never pull to other guys

Uncle pranks nephews in the most brutal way