This dog is the friend you’ve always wanted

I want this dog! All my friends are fat beer lovers with zero sports orientation!

Probably the cutest female pilot flying solo

Nothing really happens in this video, apart from the hot lady pilot. The landing was quite smooth as well...

This kangaroo is a lame fighter

Kangaroo aproaches an elderly border collie and performs an act of maximum cowardness: a sucker kick

Silliest bear in the whole animal kingdom

Bear stucks between rocks. This is kind of sad..

A story of humanity and hope in the streets of L.A.

Some good people are stopping traffic to save a lost duckling. Faith in humanity, partially, restored

Meanwhile on a busy highway

Biker exposes minivan driver "playing" with his tablet, while driving, of course.

Believe it or not, this is one badass hat juggler

I never thought that I would use the terms "badass" and "hat juggler" in the same sentence

Mission impossible

Banjo is having his first encounter with stairs and sadly is showing a loss of will and courage.

Cyclist is receiving the “trash bin” treatment

This is how pedestrians are trolling the cyclists

The cutest emotional outbreak you’ll see today

Cute little girl is VERY upset because mom is clipping baby brother's toe nails

This is the ultimate experience for a cycling fan

Loyal fan hugs Adam Hansen during the Climb of Zoncolan and records the moment. Giro de Italia at its best...