OMG daddy’s little angel fails repeatedly

Playful cute Adrianna gets an accidental kick by her sister

OMG shooting targets using a mirror to aim

With a few bionic implants he'll be real life Robocop

OMG cool helicopter formation

Military helicopters perfectly lined up near Stonehenge. That's a cool thing to see.

OMG girl gets soccer ball in the face

Cutest headshot you'll see today

OMG biker’s good deed of the day

Good Samaritan biker puts turtle on the side of the road. Not sure if it's the right side though.

OMG working out is actually bad for your health

Just go out and have a beer. It's healthier.

OMG train ruins selfie

Boy gets kicked in the face by passing train

OMG music festival madness

Some of the most hilarious music festival moments in a compilation video

OMG what an unusual pet!

Boars can be pretty friendly too!

OMG new 3 wheel model!

Who needs a fourth wheel!

OMG world’s biggest Jenga

Heavy machines playing Jenga game. This is the largest board game ever

OMG instrumental acrobatics

"instrumental acrobatics" performed by the Hamburg-based classical quartet Salut Salon