Bicycle stunt was a bad idea

What was he thinking?

Jealous dog wants dad’s attention

Jealous dog can't stand watching daddy petting other dogs

You’re gonna see a flying turtle, thanks to a curious horse!

Snapping turtle attacks annoying curious horse

Fireworks disaster

Enough with the fireworks for this man

Attack of the psycho cat

Beware, that cat looks really dangerous

Ginger hair guy screams in pain after bmx crash

I wonder if bmx riding ability is correlated with the hair color

Trying to get a hyperkinetic puppy to sleep

Sometimes it's better to leave mother nature take her way

I’d rather have a backflip fail than play 10 seconds of ping pong

May this dude be a role model for all of us

This dog can rock

I know the trick, someone put chili sauce on the stings

This video contains two examples of why windsurfers must wear helmets

That looks more dangerous than hitting 200 mph on a superbike

Chicken police at action

Chickens chasing the naughty squirrel trying to eat at the bird feeders