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OMG tv presenter loses balance

It seems that president Obama intimidated him.

OMG don’t blow on that cat

Cute cat definately doesn't like you blowing on its face

OMG scarred for life

Scaring your colleagues with fog horn isn't funny. Ok, maybe it is

OMG it’s a flying windsurf

Amazing slow motion windsurf footage reveals a not so common faceplant

OMG flash mob on air

The first flash mob on air, in a flight from Rome to Milan

OMG Channel Report presenter swears on air

Her co-presenter is clearly embarassed, to say the least.

OMG highest dance party ever

KLM flight 627 AMS-MIA with DJs spinning on board has been qualified as worlds highest party

OMG air tickling the dog

When you can't tickle it, just air-tickle it

OMG up in real life

Small yellow house goes up in the air, exactly like the movie, for the upcoming show "How Hard Can It Be?" on the National Geographic Channel,

OMG still dog

OMG Grippen sledding


OMG NBA player has imaginary friends