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Sleeping koala is not in the mood for games

I think caneraman got the message

OMG tortoise attacks guinea pig

Really angry tortoise launches a brutal attack, but the guinea pig is getting away with an evasive maneuver

OMG evil Elmo karaoke performance

Best performance of the night, hands down.

OMG kid party crasher

Kid won't let go of this bicycle

OMG angry lion pwnes kids

Brave little fellows show no fear towards this angry beast

OMG gorilla gets angry

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXNEWTe9tyw Gorilla gets angry and makes sure that everybody knows that.

OMG an ape with a temper

Ape is making a complete mess. Probably had a fight with his missus.

OMG angry baby

Angry baby will definitely make the rest of your day...or your weeek. See here the [gif]

OMG cat is angry

What's wrong with that cat?

OMG beaver is angry

Thank God there is a wall there, that guy looks really pissed off

OMG turtle wants to bite finger

Funny faced turtle wants to bite that finger

OMG it’s the terminator woman

You don't want to mess with her [Daily of the day]

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