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Whos got a kitty?

Girls love holding their kitties. However, I feel that something's wrong here.

Fox plays with dog toys

Fot takes Lupe Johnson (the dog's) toys to play outside

Brave chihuahua puppy vs huge Great Dane

Lilly, the 12 week old chihuahua is brave enough to attack Vago, the Great Dane at The Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

What is the giraffe doing?

Little boy answers the question. What is the giraffe doing?

Dog is afraid of suspension bridge

Dog crawls in fear while crossing a suspension bridge on the way to Fall Creek Falls in Pikeville, Tennessee

Marmot enjoys a carrot

Little cute marmot enjoys a delicious carrot.

Woman takes bear for walk

Only in Russia...

The toilet paper thief

Mystery solved. This is what happens to the toilet paper every day.

OMG elephant family loves rain

Beautiful elephant family under the rain at at Save Elephant Foundation's Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

OMG Parrot attempts to befriend cautious kitten

That's a nice try birdie

OMG he is a real horse whisperer

This is Rudi and he is gifted with the talent of horse whispering. Watch the video

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