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This baby doesn’t take NO for an answer

Dog refuses food, baby doesn't like that.

Wrestling red pandas

Adorable red panda cubs wrestling in front of the camera

Duck and puppy are bff

Cute puppy and cuter duck playing like best friends every day

Cockatoo passes the border of insanity

Stay away from that psycho, for your own safety

The greatest circus escape

Giraffe escapes, literally, from circus and runs through the streets

A flock of geese is taking over a quiet suburban neighborhood

When these beasts return, we'll be ready for them...

What are you looking at?

Indiscreet pigeon

OMG someone is looking for a fight

Bad temper..

OMG most adorable thing you’ll see today

Bella, the huge Saint Bernard, seems to have an affection for cute kittens!

OMG most embarassing moment in the animal kingdom

After this incident the poor dog bullied by kittens

OMG cat gets stuck in bed

May no other pet live a moment like this

OMG dog with hyper agility skills

This dog is more skillful than half of the brazilian national football (or rather soccer) team