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Budgies master technology

OMG they're ready to take over planet Earth!

Longboard cannot keep up with the brute force of a labradoodle

For once more, advanced technology cannot beat nature

Owl vs iPhone screen

Apparently, Apple is not appealing to the animal kingdom. This is a field to work on.

This must be the sneakiest attack ever recorded

Sissy, the dog, was relaxed and totally off guard when Brigette, the cat, made her move

Batman wants dinner

Who names his cat Batman anyway??

Puppy falls asleep during his first bath

Holly cuteness!!

How contangious is yawing?

Interspecies experiment with shocking results

Trying to get a hyperkinetic puppy to sleep

Sometimes it's better to leave mother nature take her way

Chicken police at action

Chickens chasing the naughty squirrel trying to eat at the bird feeders

Real life Sons of Anarchy

Panda Monium for club's president!

Doggy being silly

Just a dog being silly and cute in a car

Vampire bat sucking the juice out of a grape

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