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How contangious is yawing?

Interspecies experiment with shocking results

Trying to get a hyperkinetic puppy to sleep

Sometimes it's better to leave mother nature take her way

Chicken police at action

Chickens chasing the naughty squirrel trying to eat at the bird feeders

Real life Sons of Anarchy

Panda Monium for club's president!

Doggy being silly

Just a dog being silly and cute in a car

Warning: animal cruelty content

Poor little pitbull is clearly forced to play with this evil young girl

I can assure you that this is not what it looks like

No, the kitty is not trying to struggle the budgie. They're just playing.

Stowaway alert

I wonder if anyone has the balls to ask for a fare

This dog is the friend you’ve always wanted

I want this dog! All my friends are fat beer lovers with zero sports orientation!

This kangaroo is a lame fighter

Kangaroo aproaches an elderly border collie and performs an act of maximum cowardness: a sucker kick

Silliest bear in the whole animal kingdom

Bear stucks between rocks. This is kind of sad..