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OMG that look…

I didn't tell you to stop petting me human!

OMG dog eats cat’s ear

Tiberious gets a brutal attack by a vicious corgi!

OMG dog gets bullied by swan

Black Labrador Ebony gets bullied by a swan while fetching her stick!

OMG mini donkey smiles

Cute miniature donkey certainly knows how to pose

OMG polar bear vs Canadian goose

Canadian goose almost ends up as polar bear's lunch

OMG lady tries to cheer up a melancholic orangutan

Good lady makes a sad ape to smile (quite softly I must say)

OMG trolling unexpected kangaroo visitors

Biker pwnes kangaroos

OMG dog meets newborn baby for the first time

The family is expanding and the cute beagle meets its future best friend

OMG baby rhino chilling

Cute baby rhino Gertjie will make your day

OMG cute bunny dreaming

This is REM sleep. Bet the little guy was dreaming of carrots.

OMG weirdest dog phobia

Big dog scared of a tiny little feather...

OMG cat gets into the dryer

Oki, the cat, apparently has a thing for the dryer