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OMG cat gets into the dryer

Oki, the cat, apparently has a thing for the dryer

OMG funny cat wake up

That's a good for a laugh, but really but for the hairstyle

OMG squirrel feeder jump fail

Squirrel attempts a badass jump but ends with an embarassing fail

OMG weirdest animal video you’ll see today

Monkey dressed as a golfer is petting a dog...I think...

OMG dog synchronized swimming

They are following blindly coach Harry's direction. Harry is the bulldog btw.

OMG panda vs bamboo

Panda baby playing with bamboo at Chengdu

OMG cat meets a deer, deer is scared

In their afternoon walk, Julie with her cat Jelly met a deer. The encounter was more than awkward for this lovely deer

OMG Rita May gets busted

Someone is going to get in serious trouble....

OMG dog pees on boy

Dog pwnes boy during show. Probably the highlight of the show.

OMG baby hyrax meets human girl

Cute baby hyrax meets a not so friendly human girl

OMG elephants save drowning baby

A six month old calf, is washed away while crossing over river. Thankfully mum and her emergency swat team enacted a remarkable rescue.