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OMG seagull trust fall goes wrong

It's a common secret among the animal kingdom: NEVER TRUST A SEAGULL!

OMG Timmy the pig vs electric fence

Is it just me or Timmy the pig is an excellent Homer Simpson impersonator?

OMG Beta being silly

Beta, the cute dog, was looking through trash after a party and ended up stucking her head into a box with beer caps and cigarette packs

OMG kitty’s lullaby

Kitty falling asleep with guitar playing

OMG French bulldog almost gets pwned

Great catch boss

OMG kitty kissing booth

Those kitties can potentially make a fortune out of this

OMG meanwhile in Smithers B.C.

Moose launches a behind the back attack to a passing-by lady.

OMG cat popping bubbles

Socks, the adorable kitten, has become a bubble popping grand master

OMG Maple the talking American bulldog

Maple's in trouble for ripping up a tissue and does NOT like to be confronted. She explains why she ripped up the tissue.

OMG baby chipmunk fail

Baby chipmunk having the cutest fail, falling off a wire.

OMG pet ferret and cat playing

Pet ferret and kitty will make your day!

OMG wake up warthog

Johnny, the baby warthog, wants to sleep after a hard day's foraging, but Bambi the pinscher is up for play