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OMG what is wrong with this cat?

Headbagging cat...Cool...

OMG horse being immature

Horse with funny haircut makes ,quite successfully, mouth farting noises

OMG Gorilla vs. Goose

Barney and the pair of Canada geese trying to defend "their" area

OMG cat mezmerised by its own reflection

This is Rigby's every morning routine

OMG squirrel eating an apple

Hungry squirrel enjoys a juicy apple

OMG funny pug wipe out

Google, the pug, has an embarassing leap of faith

OMG Elephant Seal Pup encounter

Cute elephant seal pup meets a group of tourists

OMG boxer vs leaf

Leonardo, the boxer dog, is barking to a scary leaf

OMG cute baby elephant falls on the ground and struggles to get up

Adorable orphan baby elephant is having a funny moment at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya.

OMG kitten gets a taste of goldfish mindpower

Kami, the cute kitten, will never go near this aquarium again.

OMG cat heartbreaks baby

Baby boy is having a great time with Panda the cat, until she steals his food.

OMG persistent dog fail

Pitty, the last attempt was just bad timing