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OMG someone is looking for a fight

Bad temper..

OMG most adorable thing you’ll see today

Bella, the huge Saint Bernard, seems to have an affection for cute kittens!

OMG most embarassing moment in the animal kingdom

After this incident the poor dog bullied by kittens

OMG cat gets stuck in bed

May no other pet live a moment like this

OMG dog with hyper agility skills

This dog is more skillful than half of the brazilian national football (or rather soccer) team

OMG embarassing dog acrobatic

Some dogs are only meant for simple, straightforward fetching

OMG elephant for three!!

Elephant scores a three pointer with remarkable style

OMG pig plays with ducks

Louie, the Potbelly pig, is a bit of a drama queen

OMG tortoise attacks guinea pig

Really angry tortoise launches a brutal attack, but the guinea pig is getting away with an evasive maneuver

OMG that look…

I didn't tell you to stop petting me human!

OMG dog eats cat’s ear

Tiberious gets a brutal attack by a vicious corgi!

OMG dog gets bullied by swan

Black Labrador Ebony gets bullied by a swan while fetching her stick!