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OMG cute baby pot belly mini pig doing trick

Isabel, the cute baby mini pig, is standing up when hearing the Spanish word "párate" (i.e. stand up).

OMG weird cat reaction

Kitty gets crazy

OMG rat on escalator

Rat struggles to run on an Endless Staircase at Civic Center BART, San Francisco

OMG goat jumps off cliff

Don't jump! Dont jump!

OMG honking dog chases rabbit

Epic pursuit

OMG bobcat loves cuddles

Benji, the bobcat, can't say no to some cuddles

OMG cat vs Toyota Supra

Cat doesn't have a chance against this 1000 hp Supra

OMG doberman vs pitbull

A fierce fight was avoided

OMG so many raccoons

Raccoons go crazy for a bag of Doritos

OMG an imaginary squirrel

Coco the dog runs up the tree to chase an imaginary squirrel

OMG dog vs butterfly

You can do it doggy!

OMG dog gets treat while sleeping

Cute labrador dog gets treat while sleeping