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OMG dog pees on boy

Dog pwnes boy during show. Probably the highlight of the show.

OMG baby hyrax meets human girl

Cute baby hyrax meets a not so friendly human girl

OMG elephants save drowning baby

A six month old calf, is washed away while crossing over river. Thankfully mum and her emergency swat team enacted a remarkable rescue.

OMG puffins play piano

Time for some piano music by those cute tiny pianists

OMG kitten gets spooked

That was mean sir. Cute but mean.

OMG healer boston terrier

Boston terrier helps owner recover from sickness

OMG the albatross dance

Weird mating albatross dance at Kaena Point Seabird Preserve, Oahu, Hawaii

OMG Molly’s almost mission impossible

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVY9WxTHjqY It seems that someone's has been overeating lately

OMG cat loves beard

Sphynx cat can't stop licking that beard

OMG a well mannered chihuahua

Reno is a delicate chihuahua which hates farts

OMG Oscar loves his carrot

Oscar, the cute pug, is turning veggie

OMG saving a hummingbird

Good deed of the day.