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OMG kitten gets a taste of goldfish mindpower

Kami, the cute kitten, will never go near this aquarium again.

OMG bagpiper mezmerises Beluga whales

Bagpiper Tom Leigh plays for Juno, Naluark and Kela at Mystic Aquarium

OMG whale vs kid

Beluga whale in Chinese aquarium sprays a little boy

OMG kid plays with seal

Finley has a cute interaction moment with a seal

OMG wiggling dolphin

Dolphin is having a cute interaction with a girl

OMG a cheerleader crab

Watch the pom pom crab dance [to]

OMG what’s wrong with you, dolphin?

Dolphin looks tired of this stupid trick

OMG feeding the penguins

It's a penguing hurricane

OMG dog wants to play with penguin

Hope this is an extra-infragible glass [to]

OMG perfect interaction

Boy, fish, playing

OMG kitten mesmerized by aquarium

Goldfish see kitten as a potential threat and use their hypnotizing abilities on the poor little thing.

OMG cat vs aquarium

The fish prevail at the end.

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