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Dance or get slapped!

Twin babies' dancing is getting out of control

A (cute) bully is born…

Brother brutally seizes his sister's pacifier. The adorable baby girl couldn't care less though!

OMG gorilla siblings play

Two baby gorillas fighting their big brother over whose going to rule the slide

OMG chicks trying to fly

Cute baby chicks try out their wings

OMG baby uses iPad for first time

Just watch the baby's priceless reaction

OMG girl smears cream on brother’s face

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMbR8ost11k Girl, you're in a big big trouble

OMG triplets fight over broom

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNJfL-ogF_U -It's mine -NO! Give it to me!

OMG kicking mom in the face

It was supposed to be a happy family time

OMG epic haka dance

http://youtu.be/Rxrnis8S3_U Kids Do Haka face off in new Zealand School

OMG baby vs dishwasher

Maybe you should keep hand washing the dishes

OMG baby laughs hysterically and falls over

Baby finds ball so hilarious that eventually loses balance and falls

OMG baby watching barney

Little girl watches Barney and gets over excited

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