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OMG funny kid flopping

Ref gets tricked by kid's dive

OMG cool over the house trickshot

80 ft , over the house, trickshot. Not bad at all.

OMG this is a happy man

Kentucky fan reacts to win over Michigan. I think you can tell he's happy.

OMG badass trampoline basketball trickshot

Epic trampoline flip shot with board! Not bad...

OMG pool basketball can be cool after all

Those guys seem to have worked on their game

OMG great basketball revenge

Kid takes revenge for his blocked shot by Dwight Howard

OMG basketball bounce shot goes wrong

Possibly the worst basketball trickshot ever attempted

OMG basketball landing fail

Almost perfect dunk... landing didn't go as planned

OMG basketball kindness prank

Just to get back to holiday mood

OMG slam dunk goes wrong

Attempting a dunk wearing flip flops is not a bright idea.

OMG slow motion fail

Twisted ankle alert

OMG kick full basket fail

Things go bad for the girls' basketball team

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