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OMG bears are in the wrong neighborhood

Momma bear and her cub are not welcome here

OMG bear cub vs puppy

Bear cub Misho and a puppy are having a cute play fight moment in Svaneti, Georgia (ex USSR).

OMG bear balances on railings

Bored bear tries to have some fun by balancing on railings

OMG relaxing bear

Bornean sun bear Relaxes on a fallen tree

OMG bear plays tetherball

That's not something you see on an ordinary day

OMG hot bear performance

Attention seeking bear starts a weird performance when realized a camera was there

OMG bear vs crow

Bear climbs up the tree in order to catch the crow...

OMG flutist puts bear to sleep!

That's crazy. Andrea, the flutist, lulls a large bear to sleep

OMG there’s a bear in the pool

What a pleasant surprise.

OMG bear steals trash

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LR0UEAJvIkM Bear intrudes back yard and steals a bag of trash. Don't forget that people trash is bear treasure.

OMG if you spot a bear

http://youtu.be/ilzEmTii_vw Brave reporter shows us what to do if we spot a bear

OMG bear in a bathtub

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P06Vjp1W8M Summer is here and this cute bear tries to relax and to cool off in a bathtube somewhere in California