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OMG relaxing bear

Bornean sun bear Relaxes on a fallen tree

OMG bear plays tetherball

That's not something you see on an ordinary day

OMG hot bear performance

Attention seeking bear starts a weird performance when realized a camera was there

OMG bear vs crow

Bear climbs up the tree in order to catch the crow...

OMG flutist puts bear to sleep!

That's crazy. Andrea, the flutist, lulls a large bear to sleep

OMG there’s a bear in the pool

What a pleasant surprise.

OMG bear steals trash

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LR0UEAJvIkM Bear intrudes back yard and steals a bag of trash. Don't forget that people trash is bear treasure.

OMG if you spot a bear

http://youtu.be/ilzEmTii_vw Brave reporter shows us what to do if we spot a bear

OMG bear in a bathtub

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P06Vjp1W8M Summer is here and this cute bear tries to relax and to cool off in a bathtube somewhere in California

OMG fighting bear cubs

Two cute bear cubs have an epic fight on a tree.

OMG polar bear cub slips on ice

Polar bear mom and her cubs stroll around. One of the little ones will experience a cute fail.

OMG bear enjoying a bath

Judging from the leg massaging, this bear knows everything about personal hygiene