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OMG bear catching salmon

Best bear video in ages... Filmed in Crescent Lake, Alaska

OMG chipmunk scares bear

Run for your life dude!

OMG jealous bear cub

Leave the tiger, play with me

OMG epic bear tree climbing

Tarzan bear climbs tree just to chill out

OMG man vs tiger vs bear

Man gets brutally attacked by two beasts, a bear and a tiger. Only God can save him now! See here the [gif]

OMG bear doing tricks for soda

Crowd charmer

OMG bear slips

Poor guy slips and falls on his face

OMG baby bear on slider

Morton is maybe the cutest baby bear ever

OMG a bear at the window

Only in Russia...

OMG bear’s hammock landing

Just watch that unique technique

OMG cycling peacefully in the forrest

What can possibly go wrong? (Fun is between 3:05 and 3:15)

OMG bear gets pwned by lady

Poor bear...[to]