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OMG baby bear on slider

Morton is maybe the cutest baby bear ever

OMG a bear at the window

Only in Russia...

OMG bear’s hammock landing

Just watch that unique technique

OMG cycling peacefully in the forrest

What can possibly go wrong? (Fun is between 3:05 and 3:15)

OMG bear gets pwned by lady

Poor bear...[to]

OMG bear scratches for your pleasure

Bear opens camera, starts the scratching dance show

OMG good deed of the year

This video will make your day [Arbroath]

OMG Rambo loves opera

Actually, I think he's in love with the diva.

OMG hungry baby bear’s revenge

You should have given all the milk straight away Mike

OMG a bear

Holy Shit, the're more!

OMG camera man vs bear

The "play dead" myth was just busted! [vvv]

OMG backyard pool surprise

Waking up one morning and finding a huge bear swimming in your backyard pool... Surprise indeed.