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OMG bear scratches for your pleasure

Bear opens camera, starts the scratching dance show

OMG good deed of the year

This video will make your day [Arbroath]

OMG Rambo loves opera

Actually, I think he's in love with the diva.

OMG hungry baby bear’s revenge

You should have given all the milk straight away Mike

OMG a bear

Holy Shit, the're more!

OMG camera man vs bear

The "play dead" myth was just busted! [vvv]

OMG backyard pool surprise

Waking up one morning and finding a huge bear swimming in your backyard pool... Surprise indeed.

OMG samurai bear

More dangerous than the kung fu one

OMG burglar bear

Like a pro

OMG polar bear arrest

Police road patrol excels for once more

OMG grizzlies attack man

They're eating his ear!!

OMG baby polar bear digging the ground

Looking for snow possibly