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OMG burglar bear

Like a pro

OMG polar bear arrest

Police road patrol excels for once more

OMG grizzlies attack man

They're eating his ear!!

OMG baby polar bear digging the ground

Looking for snow possibly

OMG bear cubs in New Jersey

Bear cubs like to mock fight

OMG thunder pwns bear

You should never go under trees during thunder storms

OMG bear walks like human

Bear in Safari World Everland walks like a man

OMG bear cub plays with dog

Lucky the bear cub playing with his dog friend Aica in Slovenia

OMG bear destroys barbecue

Probably it smells like beef of honey

OMG bear cub wants in

Baby bear follows girl to her house

OMG bear cub in grocery store

You never know what to expect in a grocery store in Alaska

OMG bear cub attempts a high jump

Cuttest jump ever.