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OMG baby goat gets airborn

Cutest jump you've ever seen

OMG hilarious workout fail

Guy tries a weird acrobatic move and gets seriously pwned

OMG home workout goes wrong

After school home workout fails big time

OMG free running nutshot

Who thought that making cement bench-arms is actually a good idea?

OMG best basketball coach attitude ever

Ergin Ataman, coach of turkish club Galatasaray, was so furious about his players' performance against Turk Telekom that he totally ignored them during a time out. Note that the time out was called by Ataman himself.

OMG lemon headbutt fail

You can see it coming, but still it's epic

OMG park bench backflip fail

Too much negative energy, you can even hear someone saying "fail" behind the camera. Poor guy was doomed to fail.

OMG bench pressing goes wrong

Big guy has a problem handling the 500 lbs.

OMG bench press mega fail

This guy turns bench pressing into a suicide attempt

OMG girl bench jumping fail

Slippery shoe soles

OMG backflip fail

Moral of the day: smoking may influence your backflipping skills

OMG insane cleaning fail

Sometimes it's better to leave the dust as it is

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