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OMG actress falls during shooting

Actress has a nasty fall on camera during comedy shooting

OMG reporter’s jump goes wrong

Russian reporter has a nasty fall on camera, while trying to jump a puddle

OMG Reese Witherspoon teleported

What happened here? This is not a montage, it's a video from the Independent Spirit Awards. As you can see, Reese Witherspoon can teleport wherever she wants

OMG epic BBC camera fail

TV newscaster Caroline Bilton goes down during BBC Look North live news broadcast

OMG watch the blue door

Watch the blue door on that video. Something strange is going to happen

OMG jogger slips on live tv

After talking with KOIN 6 News about jogging in the snow, this couple from Portland had a nasty slip

OMG MSNBC interrupts congresswoman for Justin Bieber arrest

Former Congresswoman Jane Harman got interrupted by Host Andrea Mitchell for a breaking news report regarding Justin Bieber's arrest

OMG best wedding video ever

Seriously, you should find that photographer for your own wedding

OMG Woman Interrupts Cavs TV Broadcast

Woman heads the wrong way and interrupts the Cavaliers broadcast

OMG AP microphone goes viral

AP microphone hides short lady during live announcements of the tragic LAX incident

OMG woman attacks tv crew

A WUSA9 crew went to Southern Avenue in Southeast DC to report on a home invasion and several people held hostage overnight. The story took an abrupt turn when the team was attacked by a woman from inside the home.

OMG itchy gums

Watch this newscast with the sound off. It is inappropriate

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