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OMG a Wastelander wedding

This is absolutely insane!

OMG bride’s failed entrance

Bride attempts a romantic and impressive entrance to the wedding. Things went bad

OMG bridesmaid down

She wanted that flowers so much

OMG kid gets knocked out during wedding

Guys knock out redhead kid as they try to catch the bride's leg garter

OMG bride falls over

Not the best way to start your wedding

OMG dirty dancing bride fail

Dirty dancing lift goes wrong

OMG wedding cake’s bad moment

Everything was perfect...until...

OMG great wedding surprise

After a heavy storm the wedding chapel was left with no electricity. However, the guests save the day.

OMG The falling bride

Beautiful bride Daniela has a problem following directions, so she fails to comply to "Don't fall over". From our side we can only wish for them to live happily everafter.

OMG epic bride’s handshake

That's interesting

OMG bride’s father gives the best wedding speech ever

Funny and sentimental at the same time. Well done dad! [dpf]

OMG bouquet toss goes wrong

There is a woman that will do anything for that bouquet. Watch the video

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