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OMG bouquet toss goes wrong

There is a woman that will do anything for that bouquet. Watch the video

OMG dad destroys bride’s veil

Fortunately, the bride was cool

OMG bride fail, groom plays it cool

He's going to get some serious bitching back home

OMG first dance fail

Bride falls during her first dance

OMG bride performs the worm

Groom had second thoughts after that

OMG a pyrotechnic bride

Wedding turns into mayhem

OMG the ultimate videobomb

Meet the best videobomber of all time

OMG sister steals bride’s thunder

Sister fails duering bride's first dance

OMG weird russian wedding

Bride and groom eat an apple with no hands

OMG shoe attacks bride


OMG groom saves the day

Almost lethal bridal dress

OMG veil pwns groom

Jason slips on Olivia's wedding dress and falls down