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OMG bull riding carnage

He got away with a concussion and few bruises.

OMG double bullfighting wipeout

Kyle and Colby get pwned by a badass bull

OMG poking a spider in the butt

Scientific observation: when poking an arachnid in the butt, apparently it acquires the jumping abilities of a kangaroo.

OMG bull race

This is unusual, to say the least.

OMG sheep teaches headbutt to bull

Warning : Bully sheep

OMG epic Pamplona knock out

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sn-HpmJelFk Poor guy never saw what hit him!

OMG homemade mechanical bull fail

The concern of his friends about his fall is unique

OMG how to get pwned by a bull

He was asking for it

OMG bull riding fail

Actually it looks like a calf.

OMG bull knock-out

That's a killer left horn.

OMG dirty bull has no respect for travelers

One lucky bull infiltrated this herd of cows.