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Time has stopped for this kitty

Is it a time/space phenomenon or the kitty suffers from a stroke? A vet (or an astrophysicist) could help on this one.

Cat cackle meow weird

The cat is obviously trolling the humans

Whos got a kitty?

Girls love holding their kitties. However, I feel that something's wrong here.

This must be the sneakiest attack ever recorded

Sissy, the dog, was relaxed and totally off guard when Brigette, the cat, made her move

Batman wants dinner

Who names his cat Batman anyway??

Noone on this earth could see that coming

Hats off to this kitty...

Sleeping baby has a secret admirer under the sheets

Is it admiration or jealousy?

Kitty is doing some weird stuff

I think I got it, it's either witchcraft or karate kata

C’mon, wake up and play!

Lazy kitten don't know how to have fun

I can assure you that this is not what it looks like

No, the kitty is not trying to struggle the budgie. They're just playing.

You shall not pass b*tch

Cat simply does not give a damn

OMG cat gets stuck in bed

May no other pet live a moment like this

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