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OMG hookup fail

Epic-balls to the wall-massive-passionable kiss goes wrong.

OMG romantic headlock

Poor guy begs for mercy

OMG dance fail

Lady fails at swing dancing

OMG couple domestic stunt fail

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3g2lTrFN0s I was kinda hoping for them to bring down the mirror...

OMG cheating couple busted


OMG lightning interrupts wedding

New weds got scared

OMG the ultimate videobomb

Meet the best videobomber of all time

OMG couple performs sensual dance

Great balance

OMG real life dirty dancing

Not as spectacular as it was in the movie...

OMG penguin couple watching dog

What a romantic moment

OMG couple caught on camera!

thanks @vincentdidier1

OMG happy lynx couple