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OMG creepy robot in a car

Robot Jimmy is ready to go

OMG spitting creepy robot

Crazy robot at Pirate Summit at Odonien, Germany

OMG that’s creepy

Pit bulls become operational didgeridoos...

OMG Hannah Montana keeps raccoons away

Hannah Montana coon repellent can help you with those nasty coons [to]

OMG Samara plays baseball

Samara (Sadako), the girl from the Ring movie throws the ceremonial first pitch at Japan's Sapporo drome

OMG expert’s creepy laugh

Beth has 36 different kinds of laugh. Enjoy the "solitary laugh' [to]

OMG robot cheetah breaks speed record

That's creepy

OMG you dropped this

He is a really nice guy [to]

OMG creepy cat

That's weird...

OMG creepiest Santa ever

This shaved Santa will haunt you forever at Winter Wonderland of London

OMG cat girl sings jingle bells

Bonus : Nyan cat song

OMG that’s creepy

A woman, a bottle of juice and a wildcat in the weirdest video of the weekend