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OMG more sand

Phoebe wants more sand

OMG please avoid this canteen

If ever be in Bolivia prefer McDonalds

OMG sea foam covered reporter

Fox 5's Tucker Barnes reports from Ocean City, MD covered in sea foam

OMG baby owl is following you

It's pretty cool and creepy

OMG cute girls performing bear surgery

It's their friendship bear so they all wanted a limb

OMG creepiest magic trick ever

Tony Star introduces his incredible effect, the iSight

OMG strange cat’s behavior

Fedor makes that strange noises every time he sees the girl walking with a book on her head

OMG creepy conversation

An unscripted conversation between a geminoid robot (Bina48) and Nick Meyer, Manager of Cyberbiological Systems at the Terasem Foundation in Bristol, Vermont

OMG weird man on NYC train

Weird old man brushes his beard with a fork on a New York City train

OMG possessed dog says “I love Satan”

You can hear it clearly at 0:09

OMG creepy cloud

That must be the creepiest cloud ever, it's the face cloud

OMG meanwhile in London

Just a typical London day