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What’s the most hilarious thing in the world?

Two words: ramen noodles

Dog with remorse

Rooney, the dog, is feeling guilty for eating his owner's glasses

Puppy waves on its own reflection

Cutest first contact ever

Dog takes baby for a jog

Just a normal day for those two friends

Fox plays with dog toys

Fot takes Lupe Johnson (the dog's) toys to play outside

Marmot loves GoPro camera

Marmot kisses GoPro for your entertainment

What, you’re 32???!!!!!!!

Cute girl is still under shock

Real life man vs wild

Never interrupt wild beast romance

Infant ice bucket challenge

No babies were harmed during this challenge

This baby doesn’t take NO for an answer

Dog refuses food, baby doesn't like that.

Great surprise : Son buys mom her dream car

A son buys his mom her dream car! So sweet!

Brave chihuahua puppy vs huge Great Dane

Lilly, the 12 week old chihuahua is brave enough to attack Vago, the Great Dane at The Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

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