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OMG lifeguard dog

Dog gets husky friend out of the pool

OMG a box full of mystery

Pomeranian surprise!

OMG chilling dog

it's such a beautiful day, let that dog chill

OMG baby says “I Love you”

Nova is only 18 weeks old but she can already speak!

OMG dog sneezes on command

That is a great talent you got Orson

OMG boy hugs chicken

This is so cute. A little boy shows his love for this cute chicken

OMG baby bear wants to be a mechanic

Baby bear pays a visit to a mechanic chop. Enjoy the video

OMG daddy’s little angel fails repeatedly

Playful cute Adrianna gets an accidental kick by her sister

OMG girl gets soccer ball in the face

Cutest headshot you'll see today

OMG biker’s good deed of the day

Good Samaritan biker puts turtle on the side of the road. Not sure if it's the right side though.

OMG go kitty! Go!

Epic leap of fail. Poor kitty

OMG cute jealous girl

Little girl gets jealous when boy dances with other girl

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