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The one and only conversation that can wake up a sleeping toddler in a fraction of a second

Just a clue: It has NOTHING to do with "Frozen"

That kid’s effort to perform a roll will melt your heart

Cute little girl doesn't give up trying to complete a foreword roll

What are you looking at?

Indiscreet pigeon

OMG aquatic dinosaur attacks girl

Humanity will be saved ONLY by a new Ice Age

OMG toddler astronaut training

Kid can easily withstand up to 10 G

OMG cutest rock concert crowd

I can see them mosh in a few years

OMG dog singing in his sleep

I think that the poor doggy just wants to sleep a bit more..

OMG woman uses baby to attack another baby

Warning: images of magnificent cuteness

OMG dad leads daughter to failure

This behaviour is well known as "accidental trolling"

OMG most adorable thing you’ll see today

Bella, the huge Saint Bernard, seems to have an affection for cute kittens!

OMG is this young Dexter?

Born in blood, or even better, berries

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