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Sleepy kitten just lets himself go

Adorable kitten Hedwig can't help falling asleep

Baby girl kisses daddy and has an adorable reaction

She was trying to kiss her picture on the phone but she kisses dad instead

This will make your day

Cute little Grace talking to her banana phone

How to hypnotize a cute kitten

This is called the cat-bath hypnotism

A sophisticated scientific way to freeze your dog

WARNING: perform this procedure only under the supervision of an expert

Gibbon eats sh*t

When the Apes rise, this fellow will be put with humans

This will break your heart

In the name of God, just cuddle the poor thing!

Little girl discovers farming

Apple picking can be a pain in the butt

Do not attempt a handstand with a dog around

Pancake alert. The dog is fine now.

Otter juggling trick

Next trick will be a Houdini-like escape out of the fence

Baby digs in birthday cake

Cute baby Bauer celebrates his first birthday as any man should

And the Oscar goes to…

Best "dog plays dead" video you're gonna see today

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