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OMG cat plays minecraft

Adorable kitty loves playing minecraft in front of two monitors

OMG a well mannered chihuahua

Reno is a delicate chihuahua which hates farts

OMG heavy sleeping ferret

When Tumble sleeps is like falling into a coma

OMG corgi plays with goats

Mini the corgi dog loves playing with goats

OMG happy birthday fail

The kid is ok and the cake is intact.

OMG Oscar loves his carrot

Oscar, the cute pug, is turning veggie

OMG husky – meerkat friendship

Meerkat from a rehabilitation project finds Bond, the Siberian Husky, to be a very interesting guy

OMG fawn rescue

Baby fawn trapped in a sinkhole. Luckily this family was around

OMG toddler loves crashes

Little Ben loves crashing with his fancy sports car

OMG saving a hummingbird

Good deed of the day.

OMG pig eats salad

Come on, give that pig some salad!

OMG endless crawling

Baby commando will crawl forever

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