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Do not attempt a handstand with a dog around

Pancake alert. The dog is fine now.

Otter juggling trick

Next trick will be a Houdini-like escape out of the fence

Baby digs in birthday cake

Cute baby Bauer celebrates his first birthday as any man should

And the Oscar goes to…

Best "dog plays dead" video you're gonna see today

Stunt baby practices falling

Hunter is refining his stunting skills

Kid falls for the classic Halloween trick

He was asking for it

Toddler puts a lot of drama to his daredevil act

This kid should be living in 5th century BC Athens, Greece

Dance or get slapped!

Twin babies' dancing is getting out of control

Cute girl is inconsolable after receiving upsetting news

Ava realizes she won't meet George Washington!

This father is doomed

I have a feeling that this little cutie could turn into the most spoiled kid on earth. Who could possibly say NO to her?

This howling will hunt you in your dreams

Dog howls along siren in the cutest possible way

Badass, old school, balls to the wall workout

6 months old little fellow is killing it

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