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Weird river animal encounter while kanoeing

This is not something you see everyday

A good guy hits a deer with his car and feels bad about it

That is sad. I totally feel for this fellow.

Meanwhile in Japan

Only Japanese people know how to shoot unique music videos

OMG cutest baby deer you’re gonna see today

Baby deer fawn swims through lily pads

OMG a deer

There is a deer outside the window and that cat is very curious about it

OMG skiing with deer

Skier almost having a brutal collision with a deer

OMG lucky deer survives explosion

Cute little deer survives great explosion

OMG farting deer

It's just a farting deer

OMG scared deer’s attack

Deer gets revenge on guy that made fun on it

OMG deer eating chips

Baby deer pays a house visit and gets some chips as a welcome treat.

OMG deer jumping fence fail

Deer is having an embarassing moment

OMG deer falls in ditch

Deer follows car on the side of the road, but unfortunately never saw the ditch

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