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OMG double bullfighting wipeout

Kyle and Colby get pwned by a badass bull

OMG worst double backflip known to man

No need to say more, just wish that all his ribs are intact.

OMG downhill double fail

Domino effect theory is validated for one more time

OMG fat boys falling off log in Goldsboro

Sometimes it takes two to fail

OMG sand eating after double frontflip

For some reason I was mezmerized by the weird guys in the background, doing some ballet stretching

OMG air double kick fail

That didn't make any sense, at all.

OMG monstrous double flip fail

That was scary....

OMG ski double fail

Never take the phrase "Follow my lead" literally

OMG spectacular trampoline fail

Mastering the "double cork" is ultimate trampoline achievement

OMG double kick to the head

Seriously people, WTF???

OMG ambitious double flip goes wrong

This is as bad as it can get

OMG double skateboard jeopardy

This girl is the victim of a conspiring team that demands only boys to ride on skateboards

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