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When blowing a building, do it in style

I bet the demolition co-ordinator has studied in the best schools of Paris and Milan

OMG air cannon fail

That's almost air cannon suicide

OMG amazing avalanche

Explosion is bringing down half of the mountain at Stjernøy, Norway.

OMG firecracker fail

Trying to explode gunpowder with a powerful blue laser pointer is extremely hazardous for your health and hair-style.

OMG man gets blown up

Stuntman Ben Alexander gets epically blown up

OMG epic potato gun fail

To all potato gun enthousiasts: never use acetylene.

OMG sparkler bomb explosion gets out of control

Sparkler bomb taking military proportions

OMG firework rocket launch goes wrong

Will it be too much to ask for a firework rocket guidance system?

OMG super slow motion water mellon explosion

Impressive explosion of 2lbs of tannerite evaporates a watermelon.

OMG redneck spudgun gone wrong

That looked quite dangerous

OMG banana pudding recipe

A totally unique way to have your own banana pudding

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