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OMG amazing avalanche

Explosion is bringing down half of the mountain at Stjernøy, Norway.

OMG firecracker fail

Trying to explode gunpowder with a powerful blue laser pointer is extremely hazardous for your health and hair-style.

OMG man gets blown up

Stuntman Ben Alexander gets epically blown up

OMG epic potato gun fail

To all potato gun enthousiasts: never use acetylene.

OMG sparkler bomb explosion gets out of control

Sparkler bomb taking military proportions

OMG firework rocket launch goes wrong

Will it be too much to ask for a firework rocket guidance system?

OMG super slow motion water mellon explosion

Impressive explosion of 2lbs of tannerite evaporates a watermelon.

OMG redneck spudgun gone wrong

That looked quite dangerous

OMG banana pudding recipe

A totally unique way to have your own banana pudding

OMG insane transformer explosion

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW8jFz8UByo Transformer blows during wedding reception

OMG butterfly survives explosion

Butterfly manages to fly during explosion. You'll need some help in slow motion to notice it!

OMG great explosion

What a scary explosion. Thank God it's just computer effects

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