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OMG new 3 wheel model!

Who needs a fourth wheel!

OMG that’s why we love girls on dancing poles

Over-confident girl falls face-down off a dancing pole

OMG parasailing goes wrong

This is definitely the parasailing ride of her life

OMG music video shoot epic fail

Singer's hair accident during music video shooting

OMG epic dirtbike wipeout

First dirtbike jump attempt has an embarassing end.

OMG ski pond skim fail

How can someone miss this pond??

OMG pull ups gone wrong

I'm going to patent door cases with embedded pull up and make a fortune out of this...

OMG kitten knocks down toddler TWICE

This is hilarious. I keep wondering what a puppy would have done..

OMG worst longboard crash you’ll see today

Young Pete is going down the road in high speed and, naturally, eats crap.

OMG watching your ski partner fail

One of this occasions when you don't really enjoy an epic fail happening right in front of you.

OMG parkour dive goes wrong

Dive kjong ends in pain

OMG epic faceplant in slow motion

Dude tries to catch the frisbee in slow motion. The landing is hilarious

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