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Are dirtbikes travelling only in a straight line?

Steeringless and breakless

Amazing innovative back exercise

Pulldown rows, the next best thing in back exercises

Ultimate dash cam fails

After watching this video I can only say "Hail to the Russian drivers"

Ninja wedding cameraman fails and recovers

He missed a few moments but overall good

The most ironic mtb ride

Guy almost gets drown while actually on a mountain!

Toddler puts a lot of drama to his daredevil act

This kid should be living in 5th century BC Athens, Greece

Noone wants dogs to be hurt, but this is damn funny

Poor Rocko has an unfortunate moment

Highway travelling, the South American way

Safety not guaranteed though

Hillbilly stable parkour fail

Should had nailed this board better

Yeah buddy!

Guy eats crap after mtb backflip. His friend is over-supportive.

Kid tries to be the coolest guy in school

He gets to be the school's object of ridicule, instead

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