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Punchbag karma overload

This guy forgot the golden rule of kick boxing: never hit back an angry punchbag

You know it’s time to quit fishing when nature sends you this biblical phenomenon

If I recall well, last place that was hit by a similar calamity (actually nine of them), was Egypt...

Most anticipated time of the week is here

Top 10 videos of the week, courtesy of Jukin Video

Beatboxing collateral damage

That's an acceptable casualty, considering the fine art of the specific beatboxing

MTB jump evolves into an endo and finalizes into a faceplant

Worst moment for the rider is the fraction of the second, just after the endo, that he actually realizes that he is about to eat some serious sh*t.

What could possibly go wrong during a handstand against a lighting pole?

I'll give you a hint: no electrocution is involved

Lada owner thinks he’s driving a Ferrari

No common sense at all..

Bottle rocket collision experiment fails miserably

Super ambition project (i.e. the rockets to hit each other in the air) turns into a mild nutshot. Parental project supervision fail.

This is supposed to be an off-road bike

And yet, the chain snaps while on a perfectly paved road...

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