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OMG naughty donkey gets kicked

Go away you pervert!

OMG moto cross cliff wipeout

Julie crashing on a cliff, scaring the crap out of her friend

OMG bunnies awkward tv moment

Two bunnies have some really hot time during live news at WBIR-TV

OMG catching a wild iguana goes wrong

Catching a wild iguana, after a few tequilas, was never a good idea

OMG happy birthday fail

The kid is ok and the cake is intact.

OMG double bullfighting wipeout

Kyle and Colby get pwned by a badass bull

OMG kid falls off climbing wall

Kid learns, the hard way, how not to fall

OMG boy loses shoe in creek

Boy loses shoe while jumping over creek

OMG toddler loves crashes

Little Ben loves crashing with his fancy sports car

OMG windy airport faceplant

Poor girl. Stong winds at St. Maarten Airport kick her down

OMG class experiment goes wrong

Water bucket experiment takes a disastrous turn when the string breaks

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