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Poor guy has an extended karma meeting

This is going as bas as it gets

This is a domestic timebomb

Don't forget people, radiation is our friend!

Always be aware

It has happened to me many times. Those bloody ninjas are lurking everywhere.

This kid will develop a “Christmas present phobia”

..or he's going to hate his baby sister for the rest of his life

Indoors surfing wipeout

Always beware of the guy next to you

Lets’s drive our ATVs through this pond!

It's kinda cold in there

Ontario bike race carnage

This is the famous Canadian cyclist mince machine

When you train, train to the bone

Hardcore-badass-old school-balls to the wall-blood and sweat-ninja-muscle building lower back training, for instant results.

OMG betrayed by faulty board material

Guy does the best board trick of his life when this happens...

OMG what a beautiful day for a group vespa ride

Until someone in the front had the bright idea to full stop right in the middle of the road

OMG father teaches children river rafting

Parents are always the best role models for all sports and activities

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