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Slackline mega save

Guy is obviously blessed with positive karma

Commando kid learns a lesson

Never run against a wall. Always run in parallel.

Working class hero in the gym

Workers of the world get in shape!

Gibbon eats sh*t

When the Apes rise, this fellow will be put with humans

Imitating Michael Jordan may be bad for your spinal cord

Btw, 30 years ago today... MICHAEL JORDAN.. made his NBA debut!

Rodeo hero wannabe wipes-out lady rider

A horse whisperer would have done better

What’s the best thing to do on a Friday evening?

Instead of getting out and get completely wasted, you can stay home and enjoy the Best Fails Of The Week, courtesy of FailArmy!

Never practice your gymnastics routine in front of your friends

Or you may do so and pay the price!

Is this what a twerking competition is supposed to be?

Looks like a fail to me

Are dirtbikes travelling only in a straight line?

Steeringless and brakeless

Amazing innovative back exercise

Pulldown rows, the next best thing in back exercises

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