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What could possibly go wrong on a cool KTM ride?

A huge ditch appearing out of nowhere

This is how an endo turns into a frontflip

Just make sure that you'll not give a heart attack to the bystanders

Kid dreams of being a professional bull rider

This dream is dead before it's even started

Another week has gone by, time for the best fail videos

Enjoy the best fail videos of the week, by Fail Army

How to turn slip’n slide into face lawn mowing

You only need an inflatable matress and 3 days of beard growth

Hovercraft pilot faceplants when reaches land

This guy re-writes the English dictionary when comes to "eating mud"

Poor guy has an extended karma meeting

This is going as bas as it gets

This is a domestic timebomb

Don't forget people, radiation is our friend!

Always be aware

It has happened to me many times. Those bloody ninjas are lurking everywhere.

This kid will develop a “Christmas present phobia”

..or he's going to hate his baby sister for the rest of his life

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