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OMG pig plays with ducks

Louie, the Potbelly pig, is a bit of a drama queen

OMG guy piercing his own ear

Obviously staged, but still WTF???

OMG weird bowling fail

I truly believe that this is a genuine, not staged, fail.

OMG epic twerking fail was fake

Jimmy Kimmel was behind the "Worst Twerk Fail EVER - Girl Catches Fire" video

OMG fake pregnancy prank

A couple of these guys restored my faith to humanity

OMG cat playing with fake flower fail

Sooty is a naughty kitten

OMG fake mouse prank

Relax, it's just a toy

OMG great explosion

What a scary explosion. Thank God it's just computer effects

OMG meanwhile in Ohio

Time traveller in Ohio McDonald's. Most probably staged, nevertheless funny.

OMG fake Justin Bieber in Finland

35 year old journalist pretends to be Justin Bieber for a day and makes girls go crazy. In Helsinki, Finland

OMG how to make a fool of yourself

Romanian reporter is creating a fake sand storm saying "The wind blows with incredible power, there are moments when it is impossible to stand up here. The wind blows the sand at over 60 km per hour". The camera m...

OMG mini horse gets rejected

Sugar Plum, the mini horse, gets rejected by a charming mechanical female

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