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This is a dance battle really worth watching

7 years old Liliana is a self taught dancer. Her inspiration and role model is, obviously, her father.

One hand sonata

Father of the day

Father pulls a cute prank on daughter

Typical girl, calls immediately her mother..

When parental trolling takes epical proportions

Priceless reaction

What’s the most hilarious thing in the world?

Two words: ramen noodles

OMG father teaches children river rafting

Parents are always the best role models for all sports and activities

OMG dad leads daughter to failure

This behaviour is well known as "accidental trolling"

OMG proud father watches daughter excelling in golf

It's painful to be a parent

OMG cute father-son duet

The little guy doesn't do much but he's adorable

OMG a weird MTB ride in the forrest

Nature's revenge for trespassing

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