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OMG kitten gets a taste of goldfish mindpower

Kami, the cute kitten, will never go near this aquarium again.

OMG insane shark attack

Caribbean Reef Shark attacks diver in the Western Caribbean Sea. This must be one of the scariest experiences a human can have.

OMG the fish prank

Watch Remi Gaillard's new prank video called "Fish"

OMG woman screams at fish pedicure

Woman goes insane while enjoying some fish pedicure on her feet

OMG fish slaps fisherman

More like a bitch slap

OMG pelican steals sea lion’s fish

Cranky sea lion misses fish as pelican comes and steals it

OMG surprised lumpsucker

Lumpsucker can't believe what's happening through that glass

OMG sea lion jumps for fish

Hungry fish lion will jump like pro in order to eat some fish

OMG fishing fail

Badass fish win

OMG remora meets diver

A remora fish falls in love with a diver. Watch the cute video

OMG cheeky seal

Seal steals fish

OMG funny cat water drinking

Cat drinking water from fish bowl with paw. I think she is actually studying the fish for a future attack

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