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Look mom, I’m a barefoot water-ski expert

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdBgayyKqD0 He just needs to improve his entrance, that's all

Surfer goes airborn

I'm sure the landing was not smooth at all though

Ever seen a Board Pro with a carbon kite foil in action?

That's an amazing ride, even not with mild wind

OMG motorcycle rider goes airborn

Sometimes lane splitting may save lives..

OMG unspeakable front flip fail

Guy literally flies and crashes on the frozen soil

OMG scooter on a slide fail

This guy will never ride a scooter again

OMG penguin wants to fly

Silly penguin desperately trying to fly. Sadly he never made it...

OMG chicks trying to fly

Cute baby chicks try out their wings

OMG magic carpet flies away

What kind of sourcery is that?

OMG wakeboard fail

A quite impressive fail

OMG horse riding flight

If she was a dude, then we would be talking about a serious nutcracking incident.

OMG duck take off goes wrong

Pilot's error

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