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What a marvelous Go Pro footage!

I bet nothing can go wrong in this peaceful drone flight

Paramotor meets longboard

Guy had the brilliant idea to take a video of his paramotor ride. Things got even better when two longboarders appeared.

Cool 35-40 yard hail Mary own pass

The fact that the footage is captured via a drone camera, takes it to a badass level

OMG rare CCTV footage reveals a remarkable phenomenon

It is called "sofa storm" and it is very very dangerous, as you can see.

OMG cool whale footage

Certainly not something you see every day

OMG POV wheelie fail

Rider loses control during a wheelie, resulting to an impressive fail

OMG Virgin Galactic’s Test Flight

Footage from Virgin Galactic's Second Rocket Powered Test Flight

OMG seagull steals camera

This artistic seagull managed to take a rather nice sunset video [to]

OMG is this a real alien?


OMG amazing Elephant River Rescue footage