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OMG mini pig humping arm rest

Cute piggy has a romantic moment with an arm rest. Failure is imminent

OMG the long lost dad prank

Man finally finds his long lost dad, but it's a prank

OMG pitbull loves guitar

Pitbull dog is the no1 fan of this man's guitar playing

OMG epic ping pong fail

Ping pong player need to react more quick

OMG baby hedgehog licks finger

Maybe the cutest baby hedgehog you're gonna see today

OMG baby loves ipad

Cute baby tries to reach the precious ipad

OMG mini donkey smiles

Cute miniature donkey certainly knows how to pose

OMG cat watches Rube Goldberg Machine with baby

Cute cat enjoys watching Rube Goldberg Machine together with his human baby friend

OMG leaf blower vs dog

Puppy vs. Leaf-Blower = fearsome beastie!

OMG all by myself at the airport

Amazing "All by myself" video by a traveler who got stuck overnight at the airport

OMG Maymo wants cream puff

Cute dog Maymo desperately wants his most unrequited love object: cream puff

OMG best gaming fails

12 of the best gaming fails ever by Fail Army