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Kitty is doing some weird stuff

I think I got it, it's either witchcraft or karate kata

C’mon, wake up and play!

Lazy kitten don't know how to have fun

That’s a prank you never pull to other guys

Uncle pranks nephews in the most brutal way

Warning: animal cruelty content

Poor little pitbull is clearly forced to play with this evil young girl

Most hopeless pug on earth

Cute pug stucks at the back of the couch. No effort at all to set himself free.

What in the name of God is lurking under the blanket?

Reveal thyself you beast!

Silly dog of the day

While you are watching this video that silly dog still tries to figure out what's happening...

This is how you dance with a baby on your back

Nothing will stop this lady from dancing, not even her cute baby.

Father fails as a role model

Dad gets easily scared by a poor little bat, while kids seem to enjoy it

World’s smallest ostrich brutally attacks girl

Thankfully, the beast was not hungry and just stole the girl's hairband.