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OMG it’s an Arnold Schwarzenegger robot

It's an Arnold Schwarzenegger weight lifting robot designed by senior mechanical engineering students Dalton Herron and Michael Everson

OMG gorillas egg hunt

It's Easter, time for the annual egg hunt for those gorillas in Cincinnati zoo

OMG baby bear wants to be a mechanic

Baby bear pays a visit to a mechanic chop. Enjoy the video

OMG almost perfect BMX trick

Don't try this, especially if there is a camera around

OMG it’s the most annoying dog ever

Kudos for the patience big dog

OMG weightlifter breaks friend’s legs

At least he tried to...

OMG karma vs dad

Father tries to prank son but pays for it

OMG cat freaks out, tries to attack other cat through windo

Relax kitty, you could be friends

OMG daddy’s little angel fails repeatedly

Playful cute Adrianna gets an accidental kick by her sister

OMG girl gets soccer ball in the face

Cutest headshot you'll see today

OMG biker’s good deed of the day

Good Samaritan biker puts turtle on the side of the road. Not sure if it's the right side though.

OMG new 3 wheel model!

Who needs a fourth wheel!