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A future console gamer is learning the way of life

Actually, there is only one word to learn: "Xbox"

This baby doesn’t take NO for an answer

Dog refuses food, baby doesn't like that.

Insane Dancing Baby Groot

A one of a kind home made dancing Groot toy

Watermelon explodes under the pressure of 900 rubber bands

No, this is not a military hand grenade exploding (as the reaction of these two guys would suggest). It's just a watermelon,

Brave chihuahua puppy vs huge Great Dane

Lilly, the 12 week old chihuahua is brave enough to attack Vago, the Great Dane at The Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Just a clumsy kid

Here is a clumsy kid that falls hard trying to do a polar plunge

What is the giraffe doing?

Little boy answers the question. What is the giraffe doing?

Baby loves 2chainz

Crying baby stops and jumps to the beat of 2chainz

Wrestling red pandas

Adorable red panda cubs wrestling in front of the camera

Let’s dance

Come on people, it's Sunday, let's dance!

Marmot enjoys a carrot

Little cute marmot enjoys a delicious carrot.