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This must be the sneakiest attack ever recorded

Sissy, the dog, was relaxed and totally off guard when Brigette, the cat, made her move

Noone on this earth could see that coming

Hats off to this kitty...

Capybara vs popsicle

Turn up the volume and enjoy the carnage

How contangious is yawing?

Interspecies experiment with shocking results

Sorry sir, you’re not in the guest list

Strict face control policy

Fireworks disaster

Enough with the fireworks for this man

Real life Sons of Anarchy

Panda Monium for club's president!

Hotel room gymnastics fail

Getting sandwiched between two beds: priceless

Doggy being silly

Just a dog being silly and cute in a car

Girl under anesthesia wakes up into her worst nightmare

Ellen Degeneres i.e. her best friend, is not there. That sucks!

Hillbilly dog signs along banjo

This dog has the X Factor