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Poolside athletics fail

Josh is trying to jump over the pool net. Fail is inevitable.

Tourist’s last video footage after encountering some mysterious lemurs

Most probably she was eaten alive

Dude’s excited it’s Friday

We've all done that..

Kid dreams of being a professional bull rider

This dream is dead before it's even started

Poor guy has an extended karma meeting

This is going as bas as it gets

A flock of geese is taking over a quiet suburban neighborhood

When these beasts return, we'll be ready for them...

The one and only conversation that can wake up a sleeping toddler in a fraction of a second

Just a clue: It has NOTHING to do with "Frozen"

Always be aware

It has happened to me many times. Those bloody ninjas are lurking everywhere.

When you train, train to the bone

Hardcore-badass-old school-balls to the wall-blood and sweat-ninja-muscle building lower back training, for instant results.

OMG aquatic dinosaur attacks girl

Humanity will be saved ONLY by a new Ice Age

OMG cutest rock concert crowd

I can see them mosh in a few years