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OMG music video shoot epic fail

Singer's hair accident during music video shooting

OMG epic dirtbike wipeout

First dirtbike jump attempt has an embarassing end.

OMG baby crawls to reach BMO

Cute baby Oliver makes a great effort to reach his BMO buddy

OMG attack of the killer squirrel

This squirrel lurks out of sight until it's time to make his ninja move

OMG praying dogs

Dogs praying before dinner

OMG toilet paper juggling

Toilet can be a place for cool and constructive activities, after all.

OMG dog doing the Wobble

Nola, the cute bulldog, surely got the moves

OMG bird attacks bear

Poor little bear, that bird has driven him mad

OMG scary mask prank KD

Old lady's scary mask will always do the trick

OMG what is wrong with this cat?

Headbagging cat...Cool...

OMG this is what a DJ acutally does

Wondering what a DJ does in a concert? Watch this video

OMG a pile of sleeping dogs

3 sleeping Bull Terriers in one chair