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OMG girl vs zombies

Girl keeps her shit together and takes out dozens of zombies in a VR game.

OMG funny Breaking Bad prank

Polish duo sets up a great act!

OMG kawasaki vs ktm crash

Careless Kawasaki rider wipesout a KTM rider and then stops ona tree!

OMG this is how you climb a tree

Elderly man shows us how you properly climb a tree

OMG the truth about super mario mushrooms

A realistic view about Super Mario mushrooms

OMG quite bumpy dirt bike ride

Dude got also a few bruises as a memento

OMG 360 front flip face slam

Dude lands practically on his face and celebrates about it

OMG mini pig humping arm rest

Cute piggy has a romantic moment with an arm rest. Failure is imminent

OMG the long lost dad prank

Man finally finds his long lost dad, but it's a prank

OMG pitbull loves guitar

Pitbull dog is the no1 fan of this man's guitar playing

OMG epic ping pong fail

Ping pong player need to react more quick

OMG baby hedgehog licks finger

Maybe the cutest baby hedgehog you're gonna see today