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Never ending ALS ice bucket challenges

Ice bucket challenge, the SPARTAN way (50 tons of water) & Horse whisperer's Ice bucket challenge

OMG daddy makes the perfect bun

Dad has a very unique way to help daughter get the perfect bun

OMG great Dane meets gosling

Hugo the great Dane at 14 months old meets Darcy the 4 day old gosling. An intruiging meeting, for both of them.

OMG great ball illusion

Watch Richard Wiseman's illusion with the ball and its explanation.

OMG black gibbon presents himself

What an entrance! He deserves a hug.

OMG crazy balance

Arevik Seyranya's insane balancing skills

OMG 9 years old metalhead

9 years old boy covering "Crazy Train" with his band, during "Rock The Farm" 2011 in Fredrick County Maryland. Ozzy Osbourne's legacy rules.

OMG baby opossums eating

That's what I call a feast.

OMG amazing fireworks

Hong Kong celebrates China National Day with a firework show over Victoria Harbour

OMG seeing a beach for the first time in your life

7 people from the Chinese village Bulin, the place that is furthest from the sea in the whole world (Eurasian Pole of Inaccessibility), visit for the first time of their life a beach. Their village is about 1,650...

OMG that’s a big violin

It's a 14ft long playable violin by the Vogtland Masters violin making

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