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OMG guinea pig hates Miley Cyrus

A valid scientific experiment that will certainly affect the career of Miley Cyrus.

OMG horse hates Gangnam style

Someone had to teach these kids some sense

OMG baby hates commercial

8 month old boy freaks out with an insurance commercial.

OMG bulldog hates seat belt

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3T10OUiT1g Mac Daddy, the cute bulldog, hates his new seat belt and gets his cranky face on.

OMG don’t stare at me

Dog doesn't like when staring too much at him

OMG cat hates the weather lady

Get out of my tv you ugly human!!

OMG a cat-hating chicken

This chicken had seven siblings that all died tragically in a middle-of-the-night skunk attack. As a result of the unspeakable trauma, she has grown up with a pure hatred for other predatory animals.

OMG i hate the new haircut

Little boy definitely doesn't like his new haircut

OMG baby hates the harmonica

Apparently, cute 8 month old baby hates the harmonica

OMG baby hates daddy’s kisses

It's so cute that it's wrong!

OMG dog hates Gangnam style

Cooper , the dog, seems to be sick of it. Can't blame the poor animal. [dpf]

OMG Lou hates boots

Lou, the dog, prefers to walk on two legs than actually use his boots [Arbroath]

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