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Urban street karma

Guy punches cars until he hits the wrong one

I’m a big truck, get out of my way, I own the road!

A bully truck driver causes an accident and doesn't give a f*ck

OMG football hits guy

Guy gets hit in the face by football at Saaremaa, Estonia

OMG desert fox fail

Careless Fennec crashes on a plant

OMG dunk fail

Kid gets owned during a failed dunk at Big Blue Madness campout

OMG silly cat hits glass

Squeaker the cat hits the glass as she is trying to catch a squirrel

OMG reverse gear fail

Maybe the victim was actually a vampire and could not been seen through the rear view mirrors.

OMG how can a street interview go wrong?

See what happened to the guy who is responsible of checking the progress and quality of road works.

OMG cop runs on wall

Argentinian cop runs on wall while trying to catch a man

OMG eagle ray slams woman

An eagle ray weighing as much as 300 pounds lands on top of a woman on a boat in the Florida Keys

OMG guy hits girlfriend

Guy hits girlfriend over text messages. At least he is ready to do it when... [via]

OMG youtube virals in a marriage proposal vid (Justin Bieber incl)

Annoying Orange , David, Husky that says I love you and more viral videos mashed up in this beautiful marriage proposal vid. Oh, there is also Justin Bieber around