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OMG Shiba Inu controls human

Yoshi, the cute Shiba Inu, shows its owner who's really the boss

OMG ducklings follow human

Duclings mistaken lady for their mother and follow her without a second thought

OMG human hamster wheel fail

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9adMhJulWrM Apparently, hamsters are more skillful than some human

OMG spooky fish with human teeth

Is this a Colgate viral?

OMG double human slingshot

You have to admit it, these guys know how to have fuan.

OMG run poodle, run

Poodle running like a human. Even looks behind, as if it was chased by someone! See here the [gif]

OMG human catapult fail

At the end you can actually hear the battlecry of a hero See here the [gif]

OMG sheep dressed as human for Halloween

It is disturbing to know that some people find this actually sexy [dotd]

OMG kitty got tricked

I'm sure that kitty will hold a grudge on this and get ,eventually, revenge [dpf]

OMG human can opener

Deer hunter + can opener = the ultimate multitasking [dpf]

OMG cat sits like a human

Because humans know better....[dpf]

OMG human powered helicopter flies for 40 seconds

This is one example where steroids are absolutely mandatory [vvv]

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