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OMG ducklings follow human

Duclings mistaken lady for their mother and follow her without a second thought

OMG human hamster wheel fail

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9adMhJulWrM Apparently, hamsters are more skillful than some human

OMG spooky fish with human teeth

Is this a Colgate viral?

OMG double human slingshot

You have to admit it, these guys know how to have fuan.

OMG run poodle, run

Poodle running like a human. Even looks behind, as if it was chased by someone! See here the [gif]

OMG human catapult fail

At the end you can actually hear the battlecry of a hero See here the [gif]

OMG sheep dressed as human for Halloween

It is disturbing to know that some people find this actually sexy [dotd]

OMG kitty got tricked

I'm sure that kitty will hold a grudge on this and get ,eventually, revenge [dpf]

OMG human can opener

Deer hunter + can opener = the ultimate multitasking [dpf]

OMG cat sits like a human

Because humans know better....[dpf]

OMG human powered helicopter flies for 40 seconds

This is one example where steroids are absolutely mandatory [vvv]

OMG monkey turns into human

The rise of the planet of the apes has started

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