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OMG kayak ice sledding

Kayak snow sledding is certainly impressive, but apparently, it can only end with a huge fail.

OMG cycling on ice

Cool tricks on a frozen lake, with the appropriate spike tyres, of course.

OMG skeleton sledding goes wrong

That went quite well actually, considering that the speed can climb up to 80 mph.

OMG snowboarding NYC

Certainly not something you see every day

OMG boiling water experiment fail

This guy was watching all these videos of kids throwing boiling water into the air and turned it to smoke, so he decided it to do it him self. The result was rather embarassing for him.

OMG Land Rover hits woman

The land rover failed to turn on Sani Pass and runs straight into a woman.

OMG meanwhile in winter Russia

Cool guy in shorts and flip flops is having a nice winter-time walk

OMG look out below!

Ice drops from rooftop...destroys cars

OMG Arctic Paraglider

Erik Palo Jacobsen at Nuuk, Greenland flies from 500m

OMG playing on a frozen river goes wrong

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAcP9LY-YT0 Guy desperetaly wants to get pneumonia

OMG entering the hockey rink fail

Not the best moment for Ben Scrivens

OMG rescuing a deer

Rescuing a deer stuck on ice. Best way to start your day.