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OMG ice parkour fail

I could see that coming from miles away...

OMG seal overturns iceberg

Oops... sorry

OMG walking on ice like a boss fail

Never disrespect the ice

OMG dog falls through ice

As the little girl says "don't try this at home"

OMG jumping penguins

Super fit penguins perform amazing jumps

OMG ice skating at its very best

Poetry in motion

OMG breaking the ice

This kid is playing with fire

OMG watch the ice

At least he got a hot shower

OMG ice sliding goes wrong

Typical reaction after the first early-morning frost net

OMG never underestimate the ice

Hannah is trying to show off but, eventually, gets pwned

OMG baby polar bear digging the ground

Looking for snow possibly

OMG that’s what friends are for…

...to give you their hand when you need it.