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OMG ice sliding goes wrong

Typical reaction after the first early-morning frost net

OMG never underestimate the ice

Hannah is trying to show off but, eventually, gets pwned

OMG baby polar bear digging the ground

Looking for snow possibly

OMG that’s what friends are for…

...to give you their hand when you need it.

OMG the ice and sledgehammer experiment

An intelligent experiment...

OMG electrocuted on ice?

What did just happen?

OMG swan breaks ice

Poor swan...

OMG the joy of snowboarding

He actually made a successful flip.

OMG romance on ice goes wrong

Women can be really cruel sometimes.

OMG moose walking on ice

Guess what is going to happen...

OMG sliding on snow fail

Not a good idea to tie the two plastic wheels together.

OMG frosty booby trap

The guy was asking for it.