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OMG the joy of snowboarding

He actually made a successful flip.

OMG romance on ice goes wrong

Women can be really cruel sometimes.

OMG moose walking on ice

Guess what is going to happen...

OMG sliding on snow fail

Not a good idea to tie the two plastic wheels together.

OMG frosty booby trap

The guy was asking for it.

OMG sliding on frosty metal bar

Sounds like a great fun!

OMG Borat hates snow walk

Borat prefers some ice sliding than walking

OMG ice skating fail


OMG baby polar baby slides

Baby polar bear loves sliding. Awwwwwwww

OMG 3 buckets of ice-cold water

Only a Russian lady could do that

OMG free ride

You can always enjoy a free ride in Russia

OMG fishing on ice can be tricky

After this incident the poor fellow fell again and was saved by the people around him.