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OMG ice skating fail


OMG baby polar baby slides

Baby polar bear loves sliding. Awwwwwwww

OMG 3 buckets of ice-cold water

Only a Russian lady could do that

OMG free ride

You can always enjoy a free ride in Russia

OMG fishing on ice can be tricky

After this incident the poor fellow fell again and was saved by the people around him.

OMG ice hockey epic fail

Alex Burrows owns his opponent

OMG drifting boeing

Have you seen a boeing drifting on ice? Now you have

OMG Polish train toliet

Traveling with Polish train is a very rare and unique experience

OMG breast milk ice cream

Did he actually say "free-range"??

OMG dramatic Avery

Avery got a dramatic response, initially, to a fans comment.

OMG dog in icy pond

Poor Boo trapped in an ice-coated pond in Greenville. Luckily a team of firefighters managed to rescue him

OMG Virgin Mary on roof

This man and his children believes an ice sculpture of Virgin Mary was formed by melting snow on his neighbor's roof in Pequabuck. [via]