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OMG sometimes it’s better to NOT follow the leader

The guy in front gets smashed while the following rider enjoys the view

OMG you’ve got a falcon on your head

Falcon misses landing point and lands on Maria's head

OMG epic twinflip fail

I can make an intelligent guess and say that his landing must have been quite painful

OMG insane double backflip on skis

Epic double backflip with really bad landing

OMG jumping off a bridge fail

Guy backflips off a bridge in an act of pure insanity.

OMG 360 ski jump fail

You can tell from the first second that this will evolve into a fail

OMG bmx lake jump

Nice attempt, just need to work on his speed.

OMG snowboard jump goes wrong

This was the first ever attempt and as with all things, it was doomed to fail.

OMG impressive blop jump

Not the best landing, still impressive though

OMG trampoline jump landing fail

Kid misses safety mattress and has a rough landing

OMG worst zipline landing ever

Zipline landing turns out to be a mud scooping experience, for this young lady

OMG capoeira backflip landing fail

A rather chubby capoeira warrior attempts a crazy backflip

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