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MTB rider foresees his fail and makes a horrific scream

Actually, you don't have to be a clairvoyant to see that he's about to eat sh*t

Sleepy kitten just lets himself go

Adorable kitten Hedwig can't help falling asleep

How to turn from hero to zero in a fraction of a second

A zero with a few broken ribs, I must add

Baby girl kisses daddy and has an adorable reaction

She was trying to kiss her picture on the phone but she kisses dad instead

I bet this girl regreted her decision to go dirtbiking today

Faceplant + pancake effect. This would definitely leave a bruise.

After watching this video, exercising will not be the same

Elliptical donkey kicks. The next best thing in woking out.

Yamaha rider pays respect to a statue

What a respectful guy, he even kneels before the monument

When weight lifting becomes a near death experience

...or a quick way to demolish your garage

How to hypnotize a cute kitten

This is called the cat-bath hypnotism

Slackline mega save

Guy is obviously blessed with positive karma

The most weird slap game you’ll ever seen

Poor corgi gets a severe ass-kick

A sophisticated scientific way to freeze your dog

WARNING: perform this procedure only under the supervision of an expert

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