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Ice bucket challenge is not meant for all people, after all

Some people should just stick in donating money

Something to make your day

Adorable bathing little girl finds hand puppet hilarious

Generetions gap grows bigger day by day

Grandma and grand-daughter exchanging words of wisdom regarding sexual orientation

Mom giving some serious trolling to her son

This lady is a strong candidate for the "Troll mother of the Year" award

HMB while I’m going downhill with my bike

Thank God these huge rocks stopped my fall...

This must be the only way to get injured while diving into a pool

This lady is testing the design parameters of her spinal cord

Pedestrian lady is taking it to another level..

I do not own a scooter, but seriously, wtf?

First lesson of wakeboarding fail

Just try to jump on the board

Taking the ALS ice bucket challenge to another level

Warning: cuteness overload

Most dedicated Apple costumer

Little Sammy is a typical example of the next generation of Apple product users