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Drive by flower surprise

Romantic rider is pulling the ultimate flirting trick: flowers!

Best Fails of the Week 2 November

Don't forget people, it's not a fail unless it's approved by FailArmy

Worst stunt idea someone could have

Jump on a carton box, in the kitchen

Father is filming daughter performing “Let it go”

Watch it till the end for a shockwave of cuteness. Epic moment at 2:42.

When zipline ride turns into carnage

That might cause a headache

Big brother is having some rough time

We all feel for you bro

Peek- a- boo!!

Question: Is the strange noise coming from the dog or the cameraman?

Dirtbike domino

Hill climbing fail, bike domino win

Couch climbing can be tricky

This cute chihuahua puppy can confirm this

Vulgar display of cuteness

Little Wyatt plays Pantera. Be prepared to get crazy!

Worst reflex on dog you’ll see today

Cute puppy Nori needs to work on her game