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OMG parasailing goes wrong

This is definitely the parasailing ride of her life

OMG cat attacks poodle

Poor little poodle got attacked by bully cat outside a market store in Russia

OMG this is penguin dance

Penguin dance is the new meme from the Saudi Arabia. Enjoy

OMG skateboarding with dogs

Best way to start your day. Pit Bulls Pulling Skateboard!

OMG baby scares cat

Mean baby bullies poor kitten. Enjoy the cute video

OMG music video shoot epic fail

Singer's hair accident during music video shooting

OMG epic dirtbike wipeout

First dirtbike jump attempt has an embarassing end.

OMG ski pond skim fail

How can someone miss this pond??

OMG baby crawls to reach BMO

Cute baby Oliver makes a great effort to reach his BMO buddy

OMG attack of the killer squirrel

This squirrel lurks out of sight until it's time to make his ninja move

OMG no hand bike fail

Look mum! No Hands!