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OMG kids, we’re going to Disneyland!

Parents' surprise not fully appreciated

OMG embarassing dog acrobatic

Some dogs are only meant for simple, straightforward fetching

OMG when a nutshot becomes artistic

I must say that they put a lot of effort for a single nutshot (that evolved into a faceplant)!

OMG hands down, the worst dock jump attempt ever made

Honestly, I fail to understand how on earth they missed the water...

OMG you shall not pass

Chevy the cat says you may not pass to Bo-Soxm the Golden Retriver

OMG thank God she’s not a boy!

Any male skater's nightmare!!!

OMG best fails of the first week of July

Here are the best videos of the first week of July, courtesy of Fail Army. Just sit back and enjoy!

OMG rope swing glorious fail

If you're about to fail, do it like a boss

OMG girl football catch KD

Some girls have the rare ability to get knocked down at any sport

OMG big guy takes a tumble

HMB until I perform this pirouette

OMG how to troll someone ten times your size

This goat should be an example for all bullies/troll wannabe

OMG Yeti attack prank

Yeti prank is not aappreciated at all. Watch how the girl drops her phone to attack back the Yeti.