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Atlantic goliath grouper teaches diver the ancient nature’s law

If you can't keep it, others will claim it. Maximum respect for the biggest underwater trolling I've ever seen.

Poor guy has an extended karma meeting

This is going as bas as it gets

Kid signs Elvis in the most passionable way

That's why he's still the King

This is a domestic timebomb

Don't forget people, radiation is our friend!

A flock of geese is taking over a quiet suburban neighborhood

When these beasts return, we'll be ready for them...

Skillful Icelanders master snow-mobile riding

For sure this is part of their "Get the hell away from the erupted volcano" training.

The one and only conversation that can wake up a sleeping toddler in a fraction of a second

Just a clue: It has NOTHING to do with "Frozen"

Always be aware

It has happened to me many times. Those bloody ninjas are lurking everywhere.

Dude in ski knocks down kid skier

That's a good way to get rid of the annoying kid skiers

This kid will develop a “Christmas present phobia”

..or he's going to hate his baby sister for the rest of his life

Lets’s drive our ATVs through this pond!

It's kinda cold in there