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OMG lethal lasagne

A different way to make lasagne, by the Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time

OMG the funniest huskies ever

A video compilation with the funniest huskies out theere. Enjoy!

OMG horse being immature

Horse with funny haircut makes ,quite successfully, mouth farting noises

OMG tree trimming fail

If the tree was bigger, this man would have been homeless now

OMG hillbilly burnout fail

Perfect way to turn your pick up truck into spare parts

OMG hyperkinetic river dance

Old man river-dances in fast forward, loses his flip flops and eventually falls down. Apparently, he had a few pints prior to the dance.

OMG hilarious workout

This is not what you are supposed to do in a gym

OMG great tube wipeout

Couple goes for a crazy tube ride

OMG cat loves horse

This is pure love. A cat and a horse playing in front of the camera. Enjoy the video

OMG where the hell is…mom

Debbe, the mom, makes her own version of the viral "Where the Hell is Matt" video

OMG hedgehog trapped by milkshake cup

Little cute hedgehog gets trapped by a milkshake cup

OMG a social game of thrones intro

The Game of Thrones intro with some of the most popular Social Network sites