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Look mom, I’m a barefoot water-ski expert

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdBgayyKqD0 He just needs to improve his entrance, that's all

Walker wipeout

To be fair, this walker seems really not user friendly, at all

Most amazing and ingenious dog trick EVER

This impressive act requires years of training

This girl must have thought that she’d have a cool dive

I say that almost get smashed on the rocks is not cool at all

Pine trees troll kids

They're alive and trolling these poor kids

TGIF, for the best fails of the week are released!

FailArmy people were kind enough, again, to put together this compilation for our amusement

Jet ski loop fail

Or how to get a jet ski crash on your head

Orangutan tries to establish a commercial relationship with zoo visitor

A fair trade was abandoned due to stupid zoo regulations

Guy almost gets drown on a mountain!

The most ironic mtb ride ever. Thankfully, the pond was shallow and the irony did not turn into drama

Kitchen yoga fail

Never attempt kitchen yoga when you're home alone

Wakey wakey!!

This is the top parental trolling of the year