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OMG dad leads daughter to failure

This behaviour is well known as "accidental trolling"

OMG someone get this drunk decapod crustacean thief

I really hate beach bullies

OMG boy nails Lady Gaga

You either have it, or you don't..

OMG most embarassing moment in the animal kingdom

After this incident the poor dog bullied by kittens

OMG ultimate sailor fail

This sailor leans a little too far forward on the boat...

OMG it’s real

Creepy encounter with a real monster

OMG cool “hand in hot ice” experiment

How to get Hulk's hands in just a few seconds

OMG football mini adventure

Golakeeper fail or win? (Clarification: football=soccer)

OMG proud father watches daughter excelling in golf

It's painful to be a parent

OMG cat gets stuck in bed

May no other pet live a moment like this

OMG sometimes it’s better to NOT follow the leader

The guy in front gets smashed while the following rider enjoys the view

OMG it’s a boy!

A rather unusual (and trigger happy) way to reveal baby's gender.