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Massive cyclist domino

INHO this is the best part in any cycling race

Most well educated toddler on earth

This girl aleady knows the one and only thing that matters in life

I can assure you that this is not what it looks like

No, the kitty is not trying to struggle the budgie. They're just playing.

Just lean back and enjoy the Top 10 videos of the week

Courtesy of Jukin Video

Impossible is nothing

Guy manages to miss the safety mattress and smash his head against the wall

Stowaway alert

I wonder if anyone has the balls to ask for a fare

How skinny girls react after a brutal collision

That's a complete wipeout and a fair example of yoga ball misuse

Father fails as a role model

Dad gets easily scared by a poor little bat, while kids seem to enjoy it

Cutest dancing duet of the year

Zoe, the Basset Hound, and cute little Charlotte are getting along together, especially when are dancing on the deck

The side effects of eating watermelon

The scientific community have concluded, after years of research, that eating watermelon may put you in a headbagging mood

Shortcut collision

Sometimes taking a shortcut can actually cause a delay