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OMG armadillo dances Billie Jean

Cute armadillo is gathering leaves while dancing to Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean"

OMG Smooth Criminal on Arabic Instruments

Listen to Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal played on Arabic Instruments like Oud by Ahmed Alshaiba

OMG Michael Jackson joins the army

That's an interesting performance

OMG best Thriller cover ever

Man on train sings Michael Jackson's Thriller

OMG walrus dancing Michael Jackson

Excellent moves, the king of pop would have been proud [dpf]

OMG smooth criminal does the dishes

Kid gets caught dancing while doing the dishes

OMG awkward moment for Michael Jackson impersonator

He's got good intentions but he is betrayed by technology.

OMG students dancing Thriller

Dozens of zombie students gathered yesterday at Chilean plaza to dance for free education

OMG Melissa does impressions

Owen Wilson, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and more in one talented girl pack

OMG creepy MJ’s baby doll

From a display of Michael Jackson's canceled auction holdings in Los Angeles (2009)

OMG awkward joke on news

Reporter asks 12 year old kid to tell a joke. Kid says one about Michael Jakcon that was really mean.

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