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HMB while I’m going downhill with my bike

Thank God these huge rocks stopped my fall...

OMG sometimes it’s better to NOT follow the leader

The guy in front gets smashed while the following rider enjoys the view

OMG epic cyclocross fail

That's why you should never mix cycling with crossfit

OMG a weird MTB ride in the forrest

Nature's revenge for trespassing

OMG MTB rider almost gets impaled

Guy falls off his bike awfully close to a sharp tree trunk

OMG cycling on ice

Cool tricks on a frozen lake, with the appropriate spike tyres, of course.

OMG epic backflip crash

That was the closest thing to spinal cord crashing, that I've ever seen

OMG guess what happens next

A guy, with no helmet on, is cycling downhill a forrest. Can you make an intelligent guess of what is going to happen? (I repeat, NO helmet)

OMG insane MTB downhill fail

Guy runs directly onto a tree and then rolls downhill in a rather spectacular way

OMG insane mountain bike accident

Poor lady performs a suicidal act when trying to cross the track while a race is still active. Hope she's ok.

OMG mountain bike embarassing moment

MTB rider came extremely close to an epic faceplant

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