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OMG giraffe picking nose with tongue

The tongue could easily be mistaken for a snake

OMG reporter picking his nose

Sky News reporter doesn't realize he is on air

OMG pandas can lick their nose

You can't lick your nose but this cute panda can

OMG pig opens coke bottle

Greatest pig talent ever seen on camera

OMG pitbull eats boy’s nose

Warning, extremely graphic images

OMG a lovely dog

Don't pat on this dog's nose

OMG cannibal baby

Daddy's nose is a gourmet meal

OMG proboscis monkey eating

Just as the title says

OMG dog trick fail

The old good cookie trick may not be always as easy as it looks.

OMG pony eats snowman’s nose

That's so cruel

OMG 1 nose 18 quarters

Best way to saving money

OMG the master of balance

Jub Jub balances a lot of things on his nose. I love that dog

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